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Monday, May 23, 2016

Motivation Monday - Joy


What is JOY? 

We work, work, work,
but how and when do we allow ourselves
to feel the joy of it all?

 Sunday evening I sat out here on my front porch,
and watched as birds came and went to the feeder,
listened to their songs and chatter,
felt a soft breeze,
watched a squirrel run up and down a tree,
and surveyed all the hard work 
that goes into this farm. 

No phone,
no iPad,
no computer,
no TV,
no radio!

Just quiet 

We all need a chance to refuel our heart, soul and mind!

To enjoy and have joy in what we do.
To quiet and re-center our spirits.
To meditate, contemplate, and appreciate
our accomplishments,
our failures,
our lives.

It's all good!
And we should look for the joy in it!

Life brings disappointments,
to everyone.
But it also offers much joy,
and it is better for our spirits to focus on the joy,
learn from the disappointments,
and then let them go.

Where do you find joy?
How can and do you focus on it?
How do you re-center yourself?

Leave a comment so we can all enjoy your joy.   


  1. Another valuable post.
    I value quiet time so much that anymore I have complete silence in my home studio. I used to have music on or books on tape.
    As for JOY... I deliberately choose it. ..sure beats the alternative any day.

  2. So agree Julie. It is a choice everyone must make, quiet, calm and joy. Other things take over, just like weeds in the garden if we don't choose something better.


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