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Monday, December 7, 2015

Project Day

Do you have projects waiting to get finished?
I always have lots of projects in my head,
but usually I have a lot of things started,
but not completed.
Today was completion day for at least 5 projects.
Project #1:  Small Wise Men Still Seek Him vinyl on a 5" square tile.
   Love this kind of project.
 Quick and easy!
Project #2:  A bigger tile.
This is 12" square.
Another easy, quick and great looking vinyl project.
Project #3.  Wood blocks and vinyl lettering.
 This project, as are most of these projects,
several years in the making.
Why I ask?
Because they are so incredibly hard I just couldn't face them.
Not hardly.
I just didn't do it.
But once I got started, I pulled out all the projects I had hidden away that were similar and finished them.
I love the word,
These were made out of a 2" x 4" cut to size and I didn't distress them.  I painted them all one color as a base coat and then I took three different colors and painted them very lightly over the base.  Whatever got on the board in a swipe or two, is what got to stay.  You can see the kind of mustardy color underneath on all three pieces.  No sanding and then cleaning.  I like that the best.
Project #4.  Birthday plaque.
I'm an old geezer girl and I have trouble remembering all the birthdays in our family.
I saw this on pinterest
and thought it was genius.  
I had my friendly vinyl lady,
Elizabeth Sanders,
make the vinyl for me.
Painted the board the same color as the underpainting on the prayer blocks,
then put some varnish on it,
then I added the cup hooks,
and I purchased the tags
and wrote each family members name and their birthdate on a tag and then hung them up.
All I have to do is remember to look at it.
Project #5.  Picture frame wreath.
 I saw this wreath on facebook, I'm sure it originated on Pinterest.
My frame is a green over cream crackle finish 
and I got in my box of Christmas supplies and pulled out just some odds and ends and created this fun wreath with just bits and pieces. 
I bought this frame at a thrift shop and put the crackle finish on it and it had one of my first paintings in it. 
The painting had to go, but I loved the frame.
When I saw it on facebook, I knew how I could use my fun frame.
So, after starting off the day with a migraine,
I ended up having a pretty productive day.
Then I went to the gallery and worked on a commission painting.  Next I came home and made a 5 gallon bucket of laundry detergent.
Stick a fork in me.
I'm done.
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Color mixing,
Color wheels,
brush strokes,
how to practice,
what paint and brushes to buy,
and then step by step instructions to complete two paintings. 
You can learn to paint anytime, day or night, even in your jammies.
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