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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

You Want to Interview ME?

Who Wants to Interview Me?

I had a fun experience today.  

Carrie, a young lady from our local high school, 
asked to interview me as part of a project she is doing in order to graduate early.

She wanted to know about being an artist.

We met at the library and for an hour she asked me questions and I tried to explain what I think you need to learn to be an artist.

Of course you need to hone your art skills,
learn your craft,
understand art concepts 
and all that sort of thing.

But I also told Carrie that 
she needs to understand business.

She needs to understand the internet.

She needs to be comfortable with who she is
and not be afraid to put herself out there.  

There's lots to being an artist in the internet age.

Not only do you have to have a handle on the type of art you like and how to make that art,
but you also need to know how to:
promote your work,
promote yourself,
understand and use social media,
be able to work alone,
trust your instincts,
work endless hours,
build a website,
take good photographs,
learn to write,
manage your time,
understand money,
take business courses,
and on,
and on,
and on.

The internet is a great tool that is available to artists,
but it can be 
the black hole for time management.

I've met so many great artists,
learned from great artists,
viewed so much beautiful art

because of the internet,

but if you're not careful 
it can suck every last minute of time away from
you and your art.

I wish Carrie the best,
regardless of what she pursues in her future.

But she and every other hopeful artist needs to understand,

you work alone,
you practice alone,
you promote alone.

So it's pretty important to like yourself
because you're going to be spending a lot of time
with that person in the mirror.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How and Why to use a Color Wheel

Do you use a color wheel?

There's tons of info to be learned from a color wheel,
and it doesn't take that long to learn the basics. 

I created this short video on how and why 
to use a color wheel.

Click HERE to watch the video.  

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Peace and Health to you in 2019

I am where I usually am this time of year!

Looking over goals I either did or didn't achieve.

I did pretty good on some, and not so good on others.  

My Word for 2019

I have  had a word of the year for the last 5-6 years and I have been thinking over my choice of this years word of the year for about a week.

Here are some of the words I've considered:

I have mulled these words over and over and looked at how each of them would effect me or how if I concentrated on that one word how could I change my life.  


is the winner for 2019.

I almost chose Breathe, because anyone who knows me knows I have serious lung issues and breathing can be difficult sometimes.  I think about breathing all the time, so that's why I didn't choose that.

I need peace in my heart, in my life.
I am going to make those changes, mindsets, behaviors that brings peace to my heart and mind.  

Now I have to decide what those things are.
That will take a week or two to put some meat on those bones.  

Some things I'll need to look at are:
Limiting my social media time - except for you guys,
Reading more.
Eating better - healthier.
Sleeping better.
Walking more.
Create more art.
Study more.

There's a lot going on for me to achieve peace.

I wish there was an easy switch to pull to add peace in my life, but there isn't.  It will take improving in many smaller areas for peace to come into my life.  As I make those changes, I will be able to invite peace into my heart and life.

Leave me a comment about your word of the year or a goal you set for 2019.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Since this is an art blog, I'm going to show you what I'm working on right now.  There will be more on this later, but here's a sneak peek.

Improving my drawing skills is important to me and I'm going to be working on this.  I show you this because one eye is closer to be completed and the other is far from completion.  The eye on the right doesn't look bad, in fact, it looks pretty good, but compared to the eye on the left it has a long way to go.  

We'll talk about this more in the near future. 

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Cyber Monday Deals - But only til midnight!

I Don't Usually Do This,
But Hey, 
You're Gonna Love It!

You have until midnight tonight,
Monday, November 26 to get in on these 

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Deal #3

I can't believe I'm doing this, but hey,
 "you deserve a break today".

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$80 off my Full Blown Art Course.
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You only have until midnight tonight, November 26,
to make up your mind.

Are you kidding? 

On these incredible deals.

What's to think about.

If you've wanted to get serious about learning to paint,
adding art to your homeschool curriculum,
or to step up your skills, 
today is your moment!

I'm going to just back on outta here while you
get your thinking cap on.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving 
Happy Cyber Monday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Create a Painting From a Drawing

How To Create a Painting From a Drawing

Once you have your drawing completed,
now you have to create a painting from it.

How does that happen?

There's a number of ways to transfer a drawing to a support, but I once read somewhere,
anyway you can
is the rule.  

So don't stress over how do I get my drawing on my support.  there's lots of ways and in the end, it doesn't really matter.

Now we need to paint it.

This is just a fun painting you can 
really let your creativity loose on.

Use your own colors, your own facial markings,
 your own idea for a background.  

The process is the same regardless of the end game.

You can draw your subject right on the support.
You can use transfer paper to get subject on support.
You can use a light box to get your subject on the support.
(I don't have one)

Hope you learned a lot from this post about getting the drawing ready to paint and actually painting it.  

Monday, October 22, 2018

Kentucky Scenery Painting Finished!!!


I love finishing something - don't you?

I've been working on this triptych for a while,
longer than I normally spend on a painting,
but it's really 3 paintings in one.
(That's my story and I'm stickin to it)

We will be selling our farm next year and after painting the walls in our combination, living room, dining room, kitchen,
I took down all the family photos and realized,
I had nothing left.

So I set on a quest to create a triptych that depicted
Kentucky scenery.

You can see a scene just like this 
just about anywhere in Kentucky.

This is a closeup of the front and center area 
of the center panel.

Here's a time-lapse video as I was finishing this bad boy up.

I love time lapse videos, so I hope you do to.

I live on the top of a hill, and there are about 5 ways for me to get to town, and I can see this type of scenery anyway I choose to go.

Our area is very hilly and on those hills Kentucky farmers grow corn, soybeans, tobacco, hay, 
and cows, sheep and horses.

If you were to fly over my area of Kentucky, you'd see ponds and lakes all over the place.  Nearly every farm, regardless how small, have a pond or a lake.
We do and our family loves fishing in it.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Why Join A Facebook Group

So Why Should You Join A Facebook Group?

I'm not going to sell you on the merits of Facebook
cause we all know they have their bag of problems.

But - 

A Facebook group is a horse of a different color.

There are groups out there for all sorts of interests.

I'm an artist who loves to paint and
teach beginners to paint.
When I was creating my courses and classes and membership site my homeschooling daughter asked me to remember the homeschool market because they are very under served in the art world.

So I did.

Then when Facebook came up with groups, 
I didn't catch on right away, but I've got it now
and you can be the beneficiary.

A Facebook group, or my Facebook group,
was created for homeschool families who would like to add art to their curriculum,
but aren't themselves artists and don't really know where to begin.  
I can help with all that and a bag of chips.

will teach your kiddos beginning painting and drawing concepts
as we draw and paint fun things.

We drew a ship for Columbus Day
and we even had a 5 year-old draw one and her mom posted it.

We drew this super fun giant witches hat and 
we'll be painting it soon.

Concepts we've learned in these two drawings are:
 perspective - the shape of the sails and bars, and seeing that small back part of the deck of the ship
creating form - making the hat look round, 
getting the brim to go around to the back,
where the light is - you can see where the light comes from on the hat by where the shadows are.

I've posted two different tutorials on how to use greens and red.

Click HERE for video on using red.

I've posted a tutorial on how to use different shades of red to create a flower.

Click HERE for free tutorial

I've posted several different articles I've written about famous artists for art history.  (There will be more).

So you can see, there's lots to do and learn in this Facebook group.

Another great thing about Painter Nation Homeschool Art Club,
is these are families who know what your homeschool life is like.  They know the struggles you face and can encourage you and you can encourage them.  

I promise not to spam you with offers till the cows come home.

Because it is connected to my business, I will from time to time tell you about something that is available on my website, 
but I truly want the Painter Nation Homeschool Art Club to be a community where we can all learn together and support each other in adding art to homeschools everywhere. 

Even on my website I have a FREE blog.

I will offer you free guides, tips and sometimes even a free class in exchange for your email but it won't be often and you never have to sign up.  

It's pretty obvious I'm not all about money,
cause there aren't even any adds on this blog.

I give away tons of information and I really would love it if you would join us and let's learn to paint and draw together.

I'm done.

Just in case you're wondering, I do have a YouTube channel.
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OK, I thought I was done, but are artists ever really done?

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