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Monday, January 18, 2021

Painting Tulips in A Jar

 Painting Tulips in a Jar

That was the goal last week at Eagle Creek Vineyard Tasting Room in Warsaw, KY as our monthly group got together and painted spring flowers in a Ball blue jar.  

This group is always so much fun on the 2nd Tuesday of the month as we come together for a painting class and a wine tasting.  

They are all so intent.  

Fun is the name of the game.

We're just about to get it.

These ladies truly know how to have fun.  

Eagle Creek Vineyard is locally owned and operated

and the tasting room is located on

 Main Street in Warsaw, KY. 

Click HERE to go to their Facebook page.

Click HERE to go to their website.  

Watch their website for the monthly class.  

February 9 we will be painting 2 wine glasses.

Actually glasses, not a canvas painting.  

This should be loads of fun.

Thanks for stopping by today.

If you're interested in learning how to paint, you really should check out my website at

for single subject classes, a full blown beginning art course, a free daisy painting class and a free blog.  

So much goodness in one spot.

Also, coming in the future will be the Beginners Painting Club.

A monthly membership where you will always have access to a minimum of 6 art concept classes, an elements of a painting section where you can learn the parts of landscape, seascape, floral and still life art and then you can put them together however you want.  There will also always be a minimum of 2 complete painting classes.  

Subscribe to the blog to get the scoop when it's going live.  

Have a great day and

Let's Paint Together Real Soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Kayaking Commission

 Kayaking Commission

One of my very best supporters, 

we'll call her Missy,

contacted me around Thanksgiving and asked if I could paint a commission for her husband for Christmas.  

I was thrilled that she asked.

So thrilled I said YES!

I have a basic contract I send out for all commissions and even though we've been friends for well over 20 years, I sent it to her as well, so we both knew what to expect.

She sent me a beautiful photo of a sunset on a river or a lake, with one kayaker in it and asked me if I could put another in it also.

The first one was her husband and she wanted me to add her in the painting.

She sent me photos of them in their boats so I could get a feel of the colors, the types of paddles, clothing and hats they usually wore.  

Next, I did a pencil sketch of the scene.

I start with this sketch and if we agree I'm the right person for the job, we move forward.

My process is to keep a client involved in the creativity of the piece all along the way so they know exactly what they are getting.  I can fix things much earlier in the process than be ready to deliver the work and find out I went totally in the wrong direction.  

Missy liked the feel of the sketch even though the boats were wrong, the perspective is what we were looking for at this point.  

This is the first sketch in acrylic paint on the canvas. 

I'm looking to get the perspective of the distance and the size

of the boats correct.  

You will see almost none of this in the final painting.

The clouds were dramatic in the photo as was the sun, 
so they went in first.

Refining the clouds, the sun and beginning to add in water and reflections.  Still haven't don't anything with the trees.

Toned down the sunset a little, started adding the trees, and 

putting the boats in. 

Getting more color and definition on the boats, 

and trying to get a glassy effect on the water.  

Here's a closer look at the kayakers.

Here's an even closer look.  

I usually send the client a time-lapse video of the work progressing and a close-up video of the finished painting, just so there are no surprises for either of us.

Sometimes in doing commissions, the artist is trying to get a vision of something out of someone elses head.
Not always an easy task.  

But so far, my method has worked well for me.

If you would like to commission a painting we should talk.

My contact info is in the Contact Me tab (pretty sharp, huh?) 
on the front page of this blog.  
If you email, put the word commission or whatever you want to talk about in the subject line.  

Click HERE to view all my available art.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Snowman In The Moonlight at Eagle Creek Winery

 Who Knew Painting A Moon Could Be So Fun!!!

I've painted a moon many time and I sure didn't know.

You guys crushed that snowman painting.

Hope you had as much fun as I did.  

Just a bunch of painter bee's here.

Beth must have something really fun going on back there. 

Due to technical difficulties, 

(my husbands thumb in front of the camera lens),

I don't have a pic of you all without your masks.  

I guess that's not a bad thing,

but I would love to see your smiling faces.

Anyway, you all did a great job and I hope to see you again next month.

This is what we'll be painting in January.

I don't know about you but I will be ready for 

some spring right about then.

We've painted a wine bottle, so this will be very similar to that process if you were with us then.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Praying that the virus passes you all by.

I have a free Facebook group for people who have always wanted to learn to paint, but life got in the way.  It's called Bucket List Artists.
You can follow the link, ask to join and then answer the 3 questions that pop up.  Then you'll have access to over 1 1/2 years worth of weekly live videos, hints, tips and tricks about painting and drawing.  
Click HERE to go to Bucket List Artists. 

If you would like to see my available art, click HERE.

I also have online classes and you can click HERE to go to that website.  

I thank you so much for coming to our classes and helping everyone have a wonderful evening.  
We thank Beth and David Lynn for allowing us to paint there.

Every small business depends on word of mouth and I'm no different.  If you happen to see any of my posts on Facebook, I sure would appreciate a like, a comment or a share.  
I'm sure Eagle Creek Winery feels the same.  

Thanks again and,

let's paint together real soon.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

25% OFF for 25 Hours

                 You Read That Right

You have 25 hours to take 25% off any and all online beginning art classes on my website.  Use the coupon code CyMo2020-01 at checkout and you too can get my full blown art course for $141.75 and my single subject classes for $7.50.  

Click HERE to go to my website and use Coupon Code CyMo2020-01 at checkout for the discount. 

Midnight on Monday, November 30, 2020 and this sale goes away forever.  I would not be at all surprised to see all the prices on my website increase in 2021, so that makes this the best these classes will ever be.  

Thanks for stopping in today and let's paint together real soon.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Painting A Christmas Barn With The Eagle Creek Fun Bunch

 Even In Masks All Nite

We Still Had A Great Time

Teaching and painting all while wearing a mask is not an easy task and I won't hide that I don't like doing it,

but we all did and not only did we survive,

but we did excellent.

Gosh you guys were great!

Here's your video.  

You're gonna be famous!

Here is your finished work.

And Here are the Unmasked Painters.

The jury is out on the December painting, BUT

put December 15 on your calendar and we'll see what the world is like as we get closer.  

We'll be painting the Snowman in the Moonlight.

I told you about a package I've put together of

4, 1-hour private painting classes in my home in January 2021.  

If this is calling your name, make sure you're family sees this so they can surprise you on Christmas with a fabulous gift, or you can just buy it for yourself.  

Click HERE to read all about it.  

Again, I had a fabulous time painting with you all and I always look forward to your laughter and smiles and a great time. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Beginning Artist Class Package

 Calling All Beginning Artists!
I've put together what I think is a super package
of 4, 1 - hour private lessons to be taught in my home studio in Pewee Valley, KY.

The goal in the lessons is to help you shorten your learning curve with 2 classes on art concepts,
including: color theory, values, form and perspective.
Then you'll take all that knowledge and put it to use as you complete 2 small simple paintings in the last 2 weeks.  
It's one thing to learn art concepts, but until you use them in actual work, you haven't really learned them yet.

Click HERE to learn all about this private lesson course.

The lessons begin in January and you'll pick the date and the time for the first lesson.  Then every lesson will be on that same day of the week and time for the rest of the month.
Example: If you select Monday, January 4, at 1 p.m., you will have classes at 1 p.m. on January 4, 11, 18, & 25. 

I provide everything you will need for your first 2 classes and I will also provide a supply list of what you will need for the last 2 classes.

I'm only offering 20 slots 
and this opportunity will never come around again
at this price.
I'm offering the whole shootin match for
the insanely low price 
of $99.00
I know I'm crazy, but I received inspiration about this class and that's what I was told to do,
so I'm doing it.
$99 and you're in.

This class is great for adults who've always wanted to learn to paint, but it will also be great for the kiddos, older than 10, who have that artistic interest.

Click HERE to go to the page where you can read more and book your time slot.

I can't say it enough.
I'm positive these are going to sell out, so get a move on
and start clickin and get your spot reserved.

Have a great day and
Let's paint together real soon.

Monday, November 16, 2020

November Painting Classes

 November Painting Classes

Red Christmas Barn

It's November and we'll be painting at

General Butler State Park , November 21, noon - 2 p.m..

Click HERE to reserve your spot.  

November 28 we'll be painting the red Christmas barn at the Community Art Center in Vevay, IN., noon - 2 p.m.

Click HERE to reserve your spot.

People have requested that we paint on stretched canvases and we will begin doing that with this painting.  The canvas is an 8" x 10 " stretched canvas and that raises the price of the class to $25.

I provide everything you need, including all supplies, aprons and step by step instruction for you to complete this fun painting.  

I have had to place a minimum number of students per class, so on the Friday before at 5 p.m. if we don't have 5 students signed up and paid for, the class will be canceled and all monies returned.  

I will post on Facebook if the class is canceled.

Please like and follow this page because that's where it will be listed if it's canceled.  

Click HERE to like and follow my Facebook Page

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Looking for a great gift for someone who wants to learn to paint, but is having trouble getting started.  

I've created the perfect gift for you.  

Click HERE to get the scoop on this 4, 1-hour private in-person lesson package.

It's a game changer.

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