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Beginning Online Painting Course

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Painting With Acrylics 101

I have taught hundreds of beginning painters over the last five years, and I recently created an online beginning painting course.

Click HERE to view the course.  
In the course there are 11 modules that starts with the basic foundational (I just made up that word) art concepts.

Here's What You'll Learn:
  1. Color - What it does and how to use it, how to make a color wheel and chart.
  2. Brushes - What I need and places to buy them, and how to use them
  3. Supports - What I paint on.
  4. Paint - How do I use it and what can it do.
  5. Composition - How to achieve dynamic composition.
  6. Perspective - Or why does my painting look wonky?
  7. Practice - I give you lots of hands on exercises all through the course so you'll learn the concepts.
  8. Paintings - I give you step by step instructions so you can complete two paintings. 
Click HERE to view the course. 
If you want to learn how to paint, using acrylic paints,
this course has been created with you in mind.  
 This course is also perfect for homeschool families.

 This is one of the paintings with step by step instructions
you will complete during the course.
 This is the second painting you will paint.
The only place I will ever teach this painting is in this course.
I have a facebook page for this course also.
On that page I post short free painting videos as well as other invaluable information for beginning painters.
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Thanks for checking out this course created 
for the beginning painter in mind.

Learn to Paint This Iris Painting
This is my first single subject class offered here
at Painting With Acrylics 101.
Click HERE to view the class.

Click HERE to see a short video about the class.

 This class in real time will take you from a blank piece of canvas paper, (but you can paint on whatever you would like), through the complete painting.
This class has 9 videos plus a shopping list of what you'll need to complete it in these colors.  But, you can paint them in any color you choose.  I'm teaching you a method for you to use in your art journey. 
This class retails for $19.99.

I've checked!

You will NOT find a complete class out there with everything in this class for any where near that price.

You have immediate access to the class for one year at purchase.
 You will learn:

  • How to mix paint
  • How to use different brushes
  • How to create an impressionistic background
  • How to paint stems and leaves
  • How to paint the blossoms
  • How to turn the edges of the blossoms up
  • How to create depth through color.
Click HERE to view the course.

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