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Monday, June 26, 2017

Take a Step Back - Motivation Monday

Take A Step Back

As an artist,
sometimes it's hard to see
 where the problems are in a painting. 

The answer is almost always,
"Take a step back".

A painting is meant to be viewed at a distance of 6 feet.
If you're closer than that things get muddled.
there are few people with 6 foot arms,
so we're often on top of our work,
and can't see the problem.
We're so close we can't see the forest for the trees.

So we need to take a step or two back.
Then we can begin to see where the problem is.

 This is about where we are when painting.
From here I can't see the problem.
I need to take a step or two back.

 When I step back I can see the whole painting.
If I needed to fix something,
this is where I'll see it.

I took a step back in time this past week.
My husband, Jim has always wanted a Victrola.
I found one in an online auction 
This is a great business to help people 
who are trying to downsize their lives. 

Amy helps people find the accommodations they are seeking and she holds an online auction of items they are not taking with them.

That's where I found this wonderful gift for my husband.

It is so interesting to see how things used to be made.
How they worked.
And after all these years how they still work.

I showed the Victrola to my son, and he was explaining it to his 7 year old daughter.
He was telling her, this is how people used to listen to music.
Then when it started to play she laughed and giggled
with delight.
I told her it was like a CD.
My son looked at me like I had 3 heads.
Then he said,
"She doesn't know what a CD is.  We download music".
Boy am I goofy.

It's also amazing how far we have come,
 technologically speaking, in a short time.

All these things have been built on the advances of the ones before hand.

But sometimes we have to back up and look where we've been
to see where we're going.

We can look at art we did years ago,
and usually we're not too happy with it.
We see all the mistakes and things we didn't get right.
But, what we should see is,
how far we've come in our art journey.

We are better,
we are technically more sound,
we are more experienced,
we know more.

What do you do to get unstuck?

What fun things from the past do you enjoy?

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Thanks for stopping by today.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Who Are YOU? - Motivation Monday

Who Are YOU?
What makes you, you?
Who do you think you are?
Are you who you think you are?
this echinacea knows who and what it is.
It knows it's not a lily.
It's not yellow.
It will last longer than a day.
It has value as a healer.
Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds love it.
It knows what it is
what it isn't.
Just like each of us,
it has many facets, talents and abilities.
Just like each of us,
it has its own beauty.
Just like each of us,
it lives its life on its own terms.
Just like each of us,
its surroundings do not determine what it is.
Often times we feel like square pegs in round holes,
or maybe like an echinacea in a lily garden.
We didn't plant the echinacea there.
It just came up on its own.
I'm not moving it to where my other echinacea are.
I love that it reminds me every time I walk by,
that I am not like anyone else.
Neither are you!
We are all different and we should celebrate that.
We can admire each others talents and abilities,
without using them as our measuring stick.
My measuring stick is me.
Being the best me I can be.
My best me is as a teacher, instructor, guide.
I may never make a lot of money with my art,
but I love it when a student gets something they've been struggling with and I was able to help them understand and correct the problem.
I love it when a person leaves my studio with a piece they've done they are in love with!
For me there is so much satisfaction there.
What is your best you?
What makes you, you?
Leave a comment below.
Thanks for stopping by today.  

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Don't forget to leave a comment on your best you.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Willing To Try - Motivation Monday

Give It A Try
Don't Let Fear Stop You!

Fear stops us so often from trying so many things.
Don't let it stop you!
Do not compare yourself to anyone else.
Try new things,
even though it may be uncomfortable.
We stop ourselves because we are afraid someone else will be better than us,
faster than us,
more talented than us,
and most often, that is not the case.

This group of ladies came to my new studio to paint.
Some had no art experience,
some loved art
and one had a degree in art.

Lots of fun going on here.

That's the goal.
Have fun.
Learn something new.
Play In The Paint.

These are the stones outside after we finished.
I sprayed them with an indoor/outdoor clear acrylic varnish.
I love that everyone was in the same class,
took the same instruction
and yet everyone created something different.

That's where our own personalities come in.
We add ourselves into the painting.
That's what makes it art!
That's why some pieces of art speak to us
while others do not.
We feel the spirit of the artist in certain pieces
we are drawn to.

These ladies had fun and created art!
What a wonderful day.

Great day at the farm.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lots of Ways To Skin A Cat

And Lots of Ways To Paint A Peony

We raise peonies,
lots of peonies!

We have two 50 foot rows of peonies.
One row is several shades of pink
and one row is white.
And I love to pick them for the house.

Love, love, love them!
Another flower that is difficult to paint,
but there are lots of ways to accomplish it.
I'm just showing you one way here today.
Here's a short explanation of where I'm headed today.
Here's a very short time lapse video of the background.
This short video explains
 what happened in the time lapse video. 
This video shows step by step how I painted the peonies.
I have a free class on my website for painting daisies,
so I added some after I finished the peonies
and I added another peony going off the page.
 Click HERE to go to my website.
Scroll all the way to the bottom and there will be three boxes for my course, a single subject class,
and my free daisy painting class.
Click on that box and then add your email address
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The whole class will be available to you after that.
 The next day I painted this peony and daisy painting.
It's funny how when you paint something over and over,
you can begin to loosen up
and things just seem to emerge and happen.
You really start to see things differently.
Well, now you have no excuse for not painting peonies.
You have some photo reference,
you have video and explanations of how I did the background
and you have step by step instructions for how to paint the peonies, and you have a free class available to you to learn to paint the daisies.
Once you learn pieces you can put them together in so many ways to complete new paintings.
But it's in the doing and the re-doing,
and the learning and doing again,
that you'll really see progress.
You can't just try it once and say,
"Oh, I'm no good, I can't do it".
So go get out your paints and give it a go.
Have a great day
and thanks for stopping by.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Never Give Up - Motivation Monday

Never Give Up

In January, 2017 an injured eagle was found in the Ohio River near Carrollton, KY.

Several volunteer firefighters found it
and got it to Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary
in Louisville, KY.

The eagle is approximately 5 years old.

June 1st it was released back in Carrollton, KY.

This video was taken right before Carol was released.
The cage is sitting atop a volunteer fire truck.
You can tell she really wants out.

This is the actual release of Carol.

It is a once in a life time opportunity to see an eagle
released back into the wild.
Jim and I went and stood in awe as the cage door
was opened and out she flew,
dropping down and then headed upriver.
She headed right to the tallest tree on the river bank.
She stopped and perched on a very high branch.
She sat on the branch and scoped out the area.
Ready to hunt.

 Nearly 6 months after being in that cold frigid water,
she didn't give up and had been in rehab for over 5 months.
Then, the door was finally opened and out she went!
Back to the area she had lived in her whole life.

What do we learn from Carol?

Never Give Up !

Regardless of the situation,
we should never give up!

Some birds are never able to return to the wild
because of their injuries.  
But they have lives in the education program.
These birds are able to go to schools and organizations
for educational programs.

These are some of those birds.

 This is a screech owl.
You might have to zoom in on him 
because he sort of blends in with the tree.

 This is a barn owl!

These birds were impressive and enjoyed by all.
You don't get the opportunity to see these kinds of birds up close very often.

We are lucky in this area to have two different rescue operations that work to save these magnificent birds.

Click HERE to learn about Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary.
Click HERE to learn about Raptor Rehab. 

This and all similar organizations survive on donations.
Please consider giving to one of these or one near you.

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I am offering 5 different art camps this summer.

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To all my local followers,
my studio is open M-W-F 2-5 pm
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Ghent, KY.

Stop by, I'll be painting and we have all the produce we raise here on the farm available as well as our jellies, syrups, vinegars, and pickles.

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I teach every class or course step by step so you can see exactly how everything is done,
what brushes I use,
and how I mix paints.
the strokes I use.



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