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Monday, June 19, 2017

Who Are YOU? - Motivation Monday

Who Are YOU?
What makes you, you?
Who do you think you are?
Are you who you think you are?
this echinacea knows who and what it is.
It knows it's not a lily.
It's not yellow.
It will last longer than a day.
It has value as a healer.
Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds love it.
It knows what it is
what it isn't.
Just like each of us,
it has many facets, talents and abilities.
Just like each of us,
it has its own beauty.
Just like each of us,
it lives its life on its own terms.
Just like each of us,
its surroundings do not determine what it is.
Often times we feel like square pegs in round holes,
or maybe like an echinacea in a lily garden.
We didn't plant the echinacea there.
It just came up on its own.
I'm not moving it to where my other echinacea are.
I love that it reminds me every time I walk by,
that I am not like anyone else.
Neither are you!
We are all different and we should celebrate that.
We can admire each others talents and abilities,
without using them as our measuring stick.
My measuring stick is me.
Being the best me I can be.
My best me is as a teacher, instructor, guide.
I may never make a lot of money with my art,
but I love it when a student gets something they've been struggling with and I was able to help them understand and correct the problem.
I love it when a person leaves my studio with a piece they've done they are in love with!
For me there is so much satisfaction there.
What is your best you?
What makes you, you?
Leave a comment below.
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  1. Dear Sharon found your blog through Julie's side bar. Your encouragement that you share here and how you too have overcome great obstacles certainly serves as a wonderful example to all of us who strive to "keep on - keeping on." God bless. I am subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much Debbie. We have a wonderful artist/friend in common. I am humbled to have been of service to you, my new friend. We often look at ourselves through a very flawed lense and we see others through rose colored glasses. I truly want people to love what makes them different because that is what makes each of us so valuable as strokes in a grand painting. I hope we can conquer our negative thoughts about ourselves. Thanks for signing up! I love and appreciate that you did.

  3. How lovely to see Debbie appreciates your posts like I do, Sharon.
    She also has a beautiful message to share on her weekly post.

    The best in you, I enjoy the teaching. Passing on what I know with a genuine desire to help. I guess the "genuine" is the good part.
    Glad you didn't ask for the worst...It probably would be a longer list!

  4. I thought so Julie because I always learn so much from your blog.

    I was so thrilled to receive a comment from someone who follows you. I'll have to look her up.



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