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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lots of Ways To Skin A Cat

And Lots of Ways To Paint A Peony

We raise peonies,
lots of peonies!

We have two 50 foot rows of peonies.
One row is several shades of pink
and one row is white.
And I love to pick them for the house.

Love, love, love them!
Another flower that is difficult to paint,
but there are lots of ways to accomplish it.
I'm just showing you one way here today.
Here's a short explanation of where I'm headed today.
Here's a very short time lapse video of the background.
This short video explains
 what happened in the time lapse video. 
This video shows step by step how I painted the peonies.
I have a free class on my website for painting daisies,
so I added some after I finished the peonies
and I added another peony going off the page.
 Click HERE to go to my website.
Scroll all the way to the bottom and there will be three boxes for my course, a single subject class,
and my free daisy painting class.
Click on that box and then add your email address
and confirm it when you receive a confirmation email address in your inbox.
The whole class will be available to you after that.
 The next day I painted this peony and daisy painting.
It's funny how when you paint something over and over,
you can begin to loosen up
and things just seem to emerge and happen.
You really start to see things differently.
Well, now you have no excuse for not painting peonies.
You have some photo reference,
you have video and explanations of how I did the background
and you have step by step instructions for how to paint the peonies, and you have a free class available to you to learn to paint the daisies.
Once you learn pieces you can put them together in so many ways to complete new paintings.
But it's in the doing and the re-doing,
and the learning and doing again,
that you'll really see progress.
You can't just try it once and say,
"Oh, I'm no good, I can't do it".
So go get out your paints and give it a go.
Have a great day
and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Let me say first how envious I am that you grow all those gorgeous peonies. And, as you also implied, that if you keep painting them they will get easier and better. Lucky, lucky you.
    By the time I have finished painting them just one time they are wilted or gone so I never have that opportunity. They do not grow here so I have to time it to go visit my friend u north...this year they were early. How about next year I camp out for a week!!!
    Love your video. Very well done. Did you have to edit it?
    I really respect everything you manage to do and do so well.

  2. Thank you so much Julie! We love flowers here but the peonies are one of my favorite! You can consider yourself officially invited to camp out here next May and paint peonies as long as they last.

    No I didn't have to edit the video. I trim it because I start and stop it myself but I don't usually edit them. I guess I could figure it out but I don't know how.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful encouragement.

  3. Sharon, so fun to see your video and see YOU in action! LOVED it! Great to see you in "person" (sort of)!

  4. Isn't the internet wonderful! I would never have "met" such wonderful artists as yourself and seen so much beautiful art without it. Thank you so much for your kind comment.


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