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Monday, June 5, 2017

Never Give Up - Motivation Monday

Never Give Up

In January, 2017 an injured eagle was found in the Ohio River near Carrollton, KY.

Several volunteer firefighters found it
and got it to Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary
in Louisville, KY.

The eagle is approximately 5 years old.

June 1st it was released back in Carrollton, KY.

This video was taken right before Carol was released.
The cage is sitting atop a volunteer fire truck.
You can tell she really wants out.

This is the actual release of Carol.

It is a once in a life time opportunity to see an eagle
released back into the wild.
Jim and I went and stood in awe as the cage door
was opened and out she flew,
dropping down and then headed upriver.
She headed right to the tallest tree on the river bank.
She stopped and perched on a very high branch.
She sat on the branch and scoped out the area.
Ready to hunt.

 Nearly 6 months after being in that cold frigid water,
she didn't give up and had been in rehab for over 5 months.
Then, the door was finally opened and out she went!
Back to the area she had lived in her whole life.

What do we learn from Carol?

Never Give Up !

Regardless of the situation,
we should never give up!

Some birds are never able to return to the wild
because of their injuries.  
But they have lives in the education program.
These birds are able to go to schools and organizations
for educational programs.

These are some of those birds.

 This is a screech owl.
You might have to zoom in on him 
because he sort of blends in with the tree.

 This is a barn owl!

These birds were impressive and enjoyed by all.
You don't get the opportunity to see these kinds of birds up close very often.

We are lucky in this area to have two different rescue operations that work to save these magnificent birds.

Click HERE to learn about Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary.
Click HERE to learn about Raptor Rehab. 

This and all similar organizations survive on donations.
Please consider giving to one of these or one near you.

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I am offering 5 different art camps this summer.

Click HERE to learn all about them. 

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