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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Summer Art Camps

New Studio
 5 All NEW art camps for this summer.

Click HERE to get all the dirt. 

All the camps are in my new studio here on the farm.
Your student will be provided everything they need,
as well as snacks for any camp.
Classes are all from 10 a.m.-noon 
either for the 3 day or the 4 day camp.

The different camps give you an opportunity to find one that best fits your students needs and your schedule.

When you go to the link,

you can sign up an pay at the same time.

Click HERE to get all the info about 2017 art camps. 

A student is usually ready to spend that much time at an art camp about the age of 7 or so.  They need to have a decent attention span and have small motor skills.
I try to change activities during the day so they aren't doing the same thing for long periods of time,
but I also have to make sure they have ample time
to finish their project.

Class sizes are limited,
so sign up today!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

From Rags To Riches

Definitely from Rags,
Jury's Out on Riches

Below are photos of our shed before Jim had done much to it.
It's been gathering "stuff" for 16 years.
I don't know what made my husband think now was the time to put this building to use,
but I'm not arguing.  

It is now divided into 4 sections.
One for tractors and tools,
One will be a small Farm Market where we can sell the produce we grow,
One section will be his wood working shop,
And one section is my new art studio.
 Before Jim and I started on this project,
this shed had no front wall, no doors, no windows,
no ceiling, no electricity,
Just lots of "STUFF".
What you see above was after a months work or so.
We started in October, 2016.
 Just this much was pretty impressive to our friends and family
who knew what this building looked like before.

 All the walls, windows and ceiling are recycled materials.
My husband has been collecting all this for years.
The walls you are looking at are shipping crates for large equipment that came into a local chemical plant.

This is what it looked like with a different door,
walls in and painted and floor painted.
 Here he was taking off some barn siding to put in my wood stove and framing for my windows.
Then he put the siding back up.

 This is what the inside of my studio looked like after the front window was put in and the front wall.
Still a ton of "stuff" in there.

 This is the wall where my art now hangs in my new studio.
This was before the front wall, door or window went in.
I can tell it's my studio area because
 of the yellow stripes on the floor.
 Insulation is in the walls,
and Jim is adding the recycled wood to the walls.

This is the same wall after the insulation, ceiling, lights,  walls, paint and wood stove were added.

On the big reveal day,
I took this video as I prepare to leave my house 
and walk to work.

This very short video is a time lapse of the walk.
Hope it doesn't make you seasick.

And here you go!

The big reveal!!!

When you look at my new studio,
it is pretty hard to believe it once looked the way it did.

I have enough room to teach classes,
art camps,
host birthday parties,
and all sorts of fun things.

I'm planning an open house Monday, April 10, after
the NCAA tournament is over. 
(got my priorities in order).
Pencil me in on your calendar.

Watch for info on it
and please know you're invited.

Hopefully, this post shows you that anything is possible.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
There's a use for just about everything.
You can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
You can make something out of nothing.
Never give up on a dream.

Thank you for stopping by today.
Let me know what you think of my new space in the comments. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Don't Tell! Sneak Peek!


Sneak Peek of my NEW Art Studio

Here's a short video sneak peek of my new art studio!

I know, one of these days, I'm going to learn to turn my phone
 the other way when using it to video. 
(But evidently not today).

We've had torrential downpours,
straight line wind damage,
severe headaches from the pressure,
a stomach virus,
and we expect snow over the weekend.

So I haven't done a lot on my studio lately.

But I shot this little video today as I was taking stuff out to the studio and getting ready to start painting out there.

Can't wait to show it off to you!     

Monday, March 6, 2017

Counting My Blessings - Motivation Monday

This is a blessing?

 Yes, that siding coming off that second story 
really is a blessing!

 And what about the barn!
It too was a blessing.

And that tree on the greenhouse?
Even that was a blessing.

I haven't lost my mind folks!
I know, debatable!

Last week was quite the weather week.
Monday and Tuesday it absolutely poured down rain.
Not a gentle easy rain,
but I'm fillin up your lake,
coming through your roof,
coming up from the ground rain.

Got through that with no problems.
Thought for sure we were going to have some flooding issues,
but we didn't.


Then Wednesday night it started again with the rain,
and we added some wind to the mix.

Thursday morning before sun up,
I was almost shaken out of my bed
with the wind,
and then,
the roar of a train!

Head for the basement!
Which I did!

In a few minutes all was quiet again. 

When the sun came up, we headed outside to survey
any damage.

You saw what we found!

I got on facebook to make sure my friends and neighbors had survived ok.
At this point I thought I had damage.
Then I started seeing pics and reading posts.
A sawmill behind us lost their roof and a barn.
Another neighbor near us had windows blown out, lost dozens of trees and had lots of barn damage.
Another neighbor lost 3 barns and
some of the animals inside died. 
Another neighbor had lots of roof damage and every barn on his farm was damaged.

So you see!

We Were Blessed!

One of the most heartbreaking sights in my county, 
was a beautiful huge barn that is over 200 years old.
It was an architechtural icon 
reduced to a pile of rubble.
It was used for milking years ago
 and had brick walls on the 1st floor.  
Photo by Michelle Patton with WIKI Radio

Those brick walls were all that was left.

I'm not sure I should mourn for a barn,
but every time I drive by
I get sick at my stomach.

So, yes we were very blessed
 to have the minimal damage we had.

I am very grateful that my home and property was spared.

The sun always comes out again!
This was the view Thursday night!

Sometimes we do have to look hard to find a blessing,
but it didn't take us too long to realize that we had received a huge blessing last Thursday.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hanging a Winner

What One Winner Did With Her Painting!

Winner June M. was a winner of my December giveaway,
and she took her winnings and had it matted and framed.
I was so impressed with how it looked,
I had to show you.
Sometimes, I've completed a painting that I didn't like,
and then framed it to see if I changed my mind.
And, I have.
Framing can make a huge difference in the final outcome.
Yes, it costs money,
but you can learn to do it yourself.
It's not hard and you can cut the cost by at least half,
if not more.
 Watch my video of how to frame a painting.
You too can win a painting.
I give one away every single month.
When that annoying pop up box shows up,
fill out the form and you're in.
You only need to sign up once and you're in FOREVER!
If you missed the pop up box,
scroll back up to the top and on the right is a place to follow my blog.  Enter your email there and you're in also.
When you receive an email asking you to confirm you did sign up,
click the link in that email.
You're not really entered until that last step.
Thanks folks for stopping by today.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Make A New Plan Stan!

Hop Off The Bus Gus!

Ya gotta Love
 Paul Simon and his
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover!

Which brings me to my next point!

Make A New Plan Stan!

I have several things going on in my life right now!
Big Things!
Important Things!
Things I Really Want To Get Accomplished.
and yet!

Life KEEPS Happening!

I'm trying to take an online course.
Something I paid for and want and need to complete.

I'm trying to get completely moved into my new studio.

I have a new online class I'd like to get on my website.

I need to build a new blog for our farm.

So What is stopping me?

Stuff getting in the way.

I had to make a new plan!

Most people know I have lots and lots of internet problems.
I often have to go to the library to get on the internet to work on my class, work on my website, even answer my email.

This past week I had to prioritize what was the MOST important thing to get done.
I decided to work on my studio.
I can't make plans for the studio without the studio.
I even made great progress on it.  

Got all the walls and trim and floor finished
got my art hanging system installed,
and started moving in things.

Friday we had a terrific wind storm.
We recently re-covered our greenhouse
and with the wind 
it started to come apart.
50 mile an hour winds,
plastic coming loose,
and blowing in the wind.
My husband and I both on an extension ladder,
him trying to re-connect it all,
and me trying to weigh down the ladder and hold him on.

It must have been quite a sight.

But we were able to save it.

Of course, we were both in a lot of pain for two days,

Tomorrow is another day,
A Monday,
and I'm ready to get back at it. 

Sometimes we have to re-arrange our plans.
Sometimes we must adjust.
Sometimes we must walk away from a plan.

And that's OK!
Come at your plan from a different angle.
Fresh and ready to do battle again.

That's My New Plan Stan,
I'm not giving up,
I'm just taking another tack.

I'll gittr done!

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at your own pace,
and have a FREE trial full length class to help,
Click HERE

On my website you can scroll down and on the left hand side is a FREE daisy class.
No Strings, just a full length class,
just like the ones I sell for $20.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Have a Heart!

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday I had a great time painting with 16 kiddos at Cartmell elementary in Carrollton, KY.

We painted an abstract heart.
They and I had a great time!

Here's a short video of our class.

Some of these kiddos have painted with me many times and some had never painted before.

 Painting Abstract Hearts

 They all started with a heart at the center,
but that's where the similarity ended.

 They gave lots of thought to their paintings.

 Here's me and my posse!
Are they just the greatest bunch of kiddos!

It takes a lot of brushes for 16 people to paint
all those hearts!

All clean and ready to go to bed!

If you would like to host your own party
click HERE for all the info. 

I can come to your venue for children or adults.
These classes are also a great team building exercise.

Hopefully in a month or so I will have my own venue for things like group classes, art camps and private lessons.  

Stay tuned! 

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