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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Giving Birth


(wow!  It fit on one line). 

I know!
 It's the cutest online course 
you've ever seen. 

This course has been months
 in the creation phase,

has already had tons of videos of it taken,

was born with 11 modules

and 3 bonuses

and much thanks goes to midwife Meredith Adler.

She coached me all the way!

I was pretty terrified once I had it all complete
to finally go LIVE!

I sat there for over 1/2 an hour trying to decide was I going to click the go live button.

Finally - 
After much pacing,
chewing on my lip
and ripping off all my nails,
I hit the button.

And there it was,
all ready for the people outside of my head
to see and judge.

It must be real,
because now it has its own facebook page.

  Hit that like and share button.

 Thanks to all for every suggestion I've received along the way.
Even the creation of the facebook page came as a sugguestion.

Please feel free to share this with 
as many people as you choose. 



Friday, June 26, 2015



I am busily creating an online painting course
for beginning acrylic painters.

I hope to have it up and ready by August 1st.

Painting With Acrylics
will teach you:
How to mix and use color
What brushes to buy and how to use them
What paints to purchase
How to lay out your palette
and lots of other goodies,

and will include step by step instructions 
for these two paintings.

  OK, these two roosters count as one painting,
but you can paint it anyway you want.
I have taught this in my gallery before,
and I chose it for this online course because of the barnwood
in the background, the straw, and of course the rooster.

There's lots to learn in this one, but it's not so difficult a beginner can't have success.

This is the second painting and I've never taught it before and it won't be taught anywhere else but this course.

This will be somewhat challenging, 
but is definitely doable.

You have the benefit in an online course to stop as often as you need to and watch a video again and again.  

I also will have lots of cheat sheets and check lists as well as a shopping list of supplies and places to get things online or brick and mortar stores.

The price for this course is practically insane at $129
and will only be that low the first 60 days it is available.

After that a considerable price increase is planned.

Hopefully, you're signed up to receive my blog
as that is the first place I announce anything.  

Look for the official launch sometime around the first of August.

I'm having a ball creating it
and it is one of the most challenging things I've ever done. 

But, it's coming along and so far,
I'm pretty proud of it.

If you've always wanted to learn how to paint,
this course is for you,
or it may be just the thing for someone you know.

Please feel free to share this information.

And for Heaven's Sake,
Get signed up to receive my blog in your inbox.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Peonies and Irises

Beginning of Summer

Summer Beauty
14" x 11" $150
Jim and I raise lots of flowers on our farm.
We've raised them for our children's weddings.
Memorial Day arrangements,
for Florist shops,
and to grace our home with.

I love having them in our home,
The scent is intoxicating.

I love to look at them 
paint them.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Remember Your Raisin

Remember Your Raisin'

 Country Sunday afternoons,
sitting on the porch after church and dinner,

Rocking in a rocking chair,
or on the porch swing,
sipping lemonade,

with the scent of geraniums,
lemon verbena,
mint and lavender 
wafting around and getting an occasional whiff.

Lovely memories of friends and relatives
come back to you 
and visit on occasion.

These are the important things of life.

Never forget love and lessons learned.

Congratulations on your wedding
to Steven and Dallas.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Eye Candy

Spring Scents

My husband Jim loves to cut flowers from the yard and bring them into the house for me.
I love receiving them.

He picked a beautiful bunch of spring flowers 
the other day.  

I knew I had to paint them and I have,
several times,
in several formats.

Here's one of them.

16" x 12" acrylic on a stretched canvas.
$150 + shipping.

Click here to purchase 

Thanks for stopping by today.

I so appreciate it and enjoy reading your comments.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Student Art Benefit and A Random Act of Paint

Benefit Student Art Show

raised a total of $218.60 
for Carroll County Animal Support.  

I am so proud of my students for participating in this 
Benefit Art Show and for showing up at the event
and supporting each other.

Thank you to all the public who came throughout the month and voted.

The check has been delivered and one dog can be spayed or neutered
and one dog will be taken care of during the fostering process.

We can't save them all, but we made a difference to those two.

This little video shows off the art in the show.

1st Place Adults - Monica Daniels and her Pansies won 5 tubes of professional grade acrylic paint for raising $28.63.
2nd Place Adults - Sandy Hirn and her painting of Sunflowers in a Jar.  She won a gift certificate for a free class for raising $25.49.

1st Place Children - Lily Frye for her Giraffe painting.  She raised $14.32 and received 5 tubes of student grade acrylic paint and a gift certificate for a free class.
2nd Place Children - Rileigh Westrick for her Daisy painting.  She raised $8.33 and received a gift certificate for a free class.

Now For A Random Act of Paint
I am so grateful spring is trying to arrive.
 We've had tons of rain and flooding,
cold and wind,
and a warm day or two, but
spring is trying to get here,
so in honor of spring,
I have a number of new works I've been working on 
so today I'm giving you a little preview,

   10" x 8" on a stretched canvas, unframed

I painted this from life from flowers my husband picked from our yard.

Wouldn't this help spring arrive in your part of the world also?

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy Spring!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Feeling Vulnerable

Hanging Your Art
For All The World To See!

How nerve wracking is that.

If you're an artist, can you remember the first time you approached a gallery or hung your art for the first time?

I do, and it was nerve wracking.  

River Run Gallery is hosting a Benefit Student Art Show,
where my student artists agreed to hang their art so the public could come in and vote on their favs with their cold hard cash.  

As you can see, many people have come in and put their money where their mouth is.

All the art with the large numbers is from students of classes I've taught.

 Look at all the varieties of art that has been painted.

 It has been so much fun teaching so many people from age 4 to about 82.
Most have never painted before.  
All wanted to learn to paint.
Most were nervous to come and take a class.

They overcame that fear and then they brought their art to hang in a gallery,
have people they might not know look at it and judge it by putting money in a cup with their number on it.

No FEAR there!

 I am so proud of them, their work, and their gutsyness.  (Is that a word?)

  Thank you so much artists,
for overcoming your fear and helping to raise money.

All the money raised from this art show will be given to
Carroll County Animal Support.
They do a tremendous amount of volunteer work for lost, homeless and unwanted animals in Carroll County.
The goal is to raise $150 which will be used to spay one animal.

Congratulations to Darcel Klopp who won one of my calendars and Holly Frye who won three of my note cards.  

There are two categories, adults and children, and the artist who raises the most money in each category receives 5 tubes of acrylic paint, and the second place winners receive a free class.  

Thanks again! 

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