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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Re-working a Painting

Why Would I Re-Work a Painting?

I didn't like it!

I didn't like it so much I didn't take a picture of the before.

The original had a green background
and one purple hydrangea bloom.

I love green and purple together.
This was an older work and while I liked it in the beginning,
I no longer liked it and realized how poor it was.

Hydrangea Love

10" x 8" acrylic on canvas panel
$50 + $8 shipping

This really isn't a re-work.

I completely painted a new painting
over an old one.
There is nothing left of the original painting.

It's fairly impressionistic which I love.

For me, the thing that makes it work
are the leaves that separate the blooms.

I think this just shows we should never give up
on a work even if we don't like it.

As we continue to paint,
we learn something every time.
Sometimes we learn what not to do.

I had a great time working on this painting.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Painting Spring

Never Trust a Groundhog

Puxatawny Phil fooled us all!

He promised us an early spring
that definitely did not happen.


Here it comes.


The very first daffodil blooms of the year!

I love them!

They are so fresh looking and after a long cold wet winter
they are so welcome.

I took this photograph on my way to my studio.

So then you know what I had to do.

First Bunch of Spring
10" x 8" stretched canvas
$75 + shipping

It took me a while to get the hang of painting daffodils.
The bell was the problem, but the petals that stand out were the real problem.

I haven't painted daffodils for a while so there's always a learning curve when you haven't painted a subject for a while and there was with these also.
But I'm pretty happy with this first bunch of spring.


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Monday, March 18, 2019

Improving, Learning, Growing

Always Trying to Improve, Learn & Grow

Art can be such a struggle!
You study,
you work
you practice
you study,
you work,
you practice.

You get frustrated!

Rinse and repeat!

This is my story with this painting.

We have some pretty interesting barns
 where I live in Kentucky.

Many have been standing for as long as I can remember.

We have a barn I love on U.S. 42 in Carrollton.

It sits on a hillside and part of it's on stone stilts.
It's an old tobacco barn.
Many barns in this part of the country were tobacco barns.

I've painted it plein air.
I've photographed it.
I've drawn it.
I've painted it in the studio many times.

This was my best effort and I was never happy with it.

It was toooo tight.  

The other day I was in the studio and I was looking through some old work that I love the scene but not the painting.
This one was is that pile.

I looked and looked at it to decide 
what I thought needed changing.

The path going into it isn't right.
The roof is right because they maintain the barn so well,
but I thought it would look better a little more distressed.

I re-worked it for a little while and was 
much more happy with the results.

Not crazy about it yet,
but happier.

I added some rust and missing pieces on the roof.
It's not accurate to the actual barn, but it looks better I think.

I warmed up the inside of the barn wall
 as if a light was left on in there.

I completely changed the driveway going into the barn.
There isn't actually a driveway there, but it needed one
I thought.

I lightened up the side of the barn on the stilts
and tried to show more where the doors are.

Tobacco hangs in levels in a barn like this.
The doors on the sides are opened or closed
as the tobacco dries so air can pass through more evenly
so it doesn't scorch.  

After the fall rains, then you want the tobacco 
to absorb moisture as it goes "in case"
so it can be stripped and baled and taken to market.

Carrollton, KY was once the burley tobacco capital of the world and there used to be huge tobacco warehouses all over the county.  Now most are gone as the market has completely changed.

Years ago every yard with any size at all would have tobacco growing there and nearly every farm had tobacco bases.
You were given an allotment by the state and you were allowed to grow only so much.  People rented other peoples bases if they were not going to use it.

Raising tobacco is a very labor intensive product and students used to get out of school if they were needed on the farm to plant or harvest or strip tobacco.  It became almost impossible to find help to work the fields.

Tornadoes, age and abandonment have taken its toll on tobacco barns all around me.

But this barn stands and is maintained.
I love the stone stilts.

I am fairly happy with this painting.

But I have many more of it I can always use to 
improve, learn and grow my skills and knowledge.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Teaching Art To Children

I'm Back in Elementary School!

I've been hanging out with a lot of elementary students lately.

Recently I had the opportunity to help in our local elementary school as students work on a recycling project.

They have written songs, 
learned dances,
created posters,
and participated in a service project.

I helped with the service project.  

The students took ordinary plastic grocery bags, cut them into strips and then wove those strips into mats for the homeless in the Louisville, Ky area.

These are thick and can serve as something 
to sit or sleep on or to cover up with.

In another recycling effort, I taught several classes of students how to use art to express themselves.

We used 5" x 7" canvas panels and I drew a basic outline on each of a gallon milk jug, a 2-litre soda bottle, a soda can and a single serve soda bottle.

Students had about 45 minutes to paint the canvas that they selected and put their own stamp on it.
It was so funny hearing them talking about their pieces as they worked on them.

We were at Camp Kysoc, a former Easter Seals facility that is in Carroll County, KY.  
Easter Seals no longer uses the camp and while Carroll County is figuring out how to best utilize this great facility, the schools use it at least once a month for activities like this.

These are my 2 demo paintings I did to show them how to get started.  They did all sorts of colors, varieties and I think had lots of fun learning about art and recycling.

On this same day, students were able to listen and participate in Native American drumming, Science Center presentations where they learned about their internal organs,  play chess, go for nature walks, and learn to paint and draw.

I also had another class who made recycling posters, but we were so busy working on them, I forgot to take any photos.  

Art can be instructive for any subject matter and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to meet and paint with so many great students. 

At the end of a great day there is always lots of brushes to wash.

Every artist needs to understand how color works,
so I have created 7 Tips for Mixing Color.  
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Thanks for stopping by today,
and let's paint together real soon.

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