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Monday, October 30, 2017

Allowing Creativity to Flourish - Motivation Monday

Don't Hold YOUR Creativity Back

Everyone has creativity!

I know,
everyone except you, right?


Middle Schoolers included!

 I recently had the opportunity to spend the morning teaching two classes of middle schoolers how to create art from life.

 It was so interesting to observe as these young people each created their art differently.

Some took great pains to get a very good likeness of what they were looking at, while others paid little attention to their work, but still got a very good likeness.

I like the girl standing while everyone else was sitting.  She was confident in herself.

Lots of laughter and joking around with this table of young men.  Bet you're shocked.
They were however, serious in their art.

 During these two classes, each table had various drying leaves, sticks, acorns, and a slice of a log to draw.
I showed them several techniques to use to achieve certain looks and then they were to go back to their table and use the "methods" I demonstrated to create their own work of art.

This beautiful fire was at the end of the room.
We were at Camp Kysoc in Carrollton, KY.
This used to be a summer camp run by Easter Seals for children.
Funding became an issue and it was sold.
The county now has control of it and it is rented out for various functions.
Let's get back to "Everyone Has Creativity"
Many of these students were worried they couldn't create something.
Aren't we all like that on occasion? 
But creativity comes in many forms:
drawing and painting
clothes selection
interior design
automobile repair,
and the list goes on and on.

Each class had about 20 students in it.

They laughed, they giggled, they joked,
and as they did all this,
they created art.


 Some were more confident than others,
but almost all of them responded to positive
encouragement, suggestions, and belief in themselves.

As I said, it was interesting to watch as each student went about their creating in their own way.

Each table had crayons, markers, pencils and chalk and paper and the items they were using as models.

Most chose chalk which was another interesting thing.  

Each of us can choose how and what we will be creative in.
Even if we don't realize that's what's happening.
That is what is happening.

We are using our creativity when we pick out our clothes,
when we decide what's for dinner and how we will make it,
when we fix a car,
make a piece of jewelry,
set our table.

Our creativity is a piece of us.
Even if we choose to deny it,
it's still in there.

All these kiddos spent their hour listening, learning and creating.
We can each learn from them.
Some of them had lots of artistic talent,
and others were afraid they couldn't draw a stick person!
Sound familiar.
But once I showed them how to draw the items on their tables,
they went back to their seats and got to work.
They forgot their fears
trusted what they had learned
and created their piece.
If there's a talent we want to cultivate,
we can read, study, or watch
but then we have to actually do the work.
We have to try the thing we want to try.
and then try again.
And then re-evaluate and try again.
I've been trying out several different art forms I'll be sharing with you in the future.
Leave a comment about what you want to create,
regardless of the area. 
Maybe we can all help each other as we create.
If you haven't peeked into my Etsy shop
click HERE and prepare to have fun. 
Vintage home decor,
jewelry making supplies
and of course, my art.
Thanks for stopping by today
and especially for leaving a comment. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Seeking Inspiration - MotivationMonday

Seeking Inspiration

Seeking Inspiration is completely different than
Finding Inspiration.

Seeking is an action,
Finding is rather passive.

Seeking implies:
looking for,

Finding inspiration,
almost sounds like it fell in your lap,
like it sort of showed up,
it was a happy accident.
(Thanks Bob Ross)

As artists, we need inspiration,
if only in the form of a beautiful color,
smooth shape,
or interesting composition.

Sometimes when we're struggling as artists,
we seek inspiration.
We want it,
we need it,
we seek it.

My son Kirk, is a falconer.
He currently has a Harris hawk named Lulu.

He trains her to hunt, return when he whistles,
and takes his children into the outdoors with him
 as he trains her. 

Saturday as Kirk and his sons were in a local park with Lulu,
a naturalist photographer happened by and took some fabulous photos of Lulu.

I'll share two photos here.

 Lulu landing on her perch.

I love this one of my son Kirk.

Click HERE to go to his blog post and prepare to be inspired.

Inspiration comes in so many forms.
In this case, thanks to the work of Kirk and Lulu and the incredible talent of the photographer,
we are all inspired.

We are inspired by the beauty of Lulu and nature,
by the ability of the photographer to capture that beauty,
and then to share it with the world.

These photos are the copyrighted property of the photographer at Goat Sass Farm and are not to be used for 
painting reference.
But we can be inspired.
I hope you love this beauty as much as I do. 

Please leave a comment on what inspires you.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Where Does Your Heart Lead You?

Are You LED Somewhere?

Have you ever been led somewhere?
Your life is going a long OK
and then you are LED in a new direction.
Someplace you're not really sure about,
but you're being told over and over again,
to try that, do that, go there.

Does your heart lead you places?

The other day I was weeding flower beds.
And I was thinking about these questions
and others.

Like, why do I always have to be on time?
Why do I need to have order?
What is it about me that wants to give more than is asked?

Are they my "natural tendencies"?

When we consider the how and why we do things,
I think we learn a lot about ourselves. 

I'll be painting this soon!

As I look over my natural tendencies,
I realize they are mostly about control.
I already knew that I was a control freak,
but sometimes in all my controlling,
I feel like I have no control.
Is that weird?
Case in point,
I was in charge of a local political event,
and the more I tried to make sure my bases were covered,
the more bases I found to cover.
It's hard to know, sometimes, what to do and worry about,
and what to just let go.
Cause worrying accomplishes so much!

I donated an original painting and some drawing supplies
as a silent auction item at said event.
Another lady, Mary, won the items
and then gave the painting to
 Kentucky Treasurer Allison Ball.
She bought the whole basket to give the painting to
Treasurer Ball,
because there was a "Ball" jar in the painting.  
I would have never thought about that. 
I was led to raise funds,
and she was led to give a thoughtful gift.

I guess my point is,
we may all be motivated by the same thing or item,
to do different things with that thing or item.

Whether we realize it or not,
that's creativity at work.
Our inner selves leading us in a direction
that we don't really understand,
but turns out wonderfully when we follow.

I love these lantana. 
Maybe I better not notice any more flowers.
I get a little crazy!

Have a great week and let's paint together soon.




Monday, October 2, 2017

Still Struggling to Get Back On Track

I'm Still Struggling
to Get Back on Track

I can't seem to get it together.
I'm working on several personal and community projects and I haven't got my ducks in a row yet.

I did buy this really cool t-shirt.
A friend of mine has a business doing vinyl
 for t-shirts and other items.
She has a son, Sean, who needed extensive physical therapy 
but their insurance would not pay for the many visits he needed.
She put her skills to work and vowed to create 100 t-shirts
in 100 days and sell them for $20 each to pay for the rehab.
This is one of several shirts I have purchased,
and I totally love this one!
Click HERE to visit her page and see Sean's story. 
 Here's a fun painting we'll be working on in 
The Blue Iris Art Studio
here at JumbleBerry Farms in Ghent, KY.
This painting can be done by itself,
or, (and this will be fun)
as part of a set of 4.
We'll paint this on Thursday, October 19, 6-8 p.m.
and you can come if you just want to paint this one,
or if you want to do the whole set.
The set will include one for
Valentines Day
and Easter.
To do the pumpkin is $40.
To do all 4 is $120, (it's like getting 1 free).
Leave a comment below if you'd like to get signed up.
Here's a rocking chair I did for a friend.
This chair sat outside for a number of years,
so it was pretty rough.
The owner painted it dark green.
I made a few repairs,
gave it several more coats of green paint,
and then let sunflowers loose on it. 
I had a great time completing this project
and it now has a new home on a front porch.
As we learn something new,
like painting,
we should try to use it whenever we can.
It brightens our lives, our homes and surroundings.
If you would like to learn to paint,
I have just the program for you.
Click HERE to see the painting classes I offer.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Hope you're enjoying this beautiful fall weather.



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