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10 Minute Art Lessons

10 Minute Art Lessons

These short lessons are designed to teach you basic yet important art concepts, practical advice and info.
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Painting From Life - What is it and how do I do it, and what will I learn from it?  Click HERE to read the blog post about painting from life.  

 How Do You Tone A Canvas - Click HERE to see how I toned 4 and began using.

Is Practice That Important? - Click HERE to see how I practice. 

What Type of Brush Do I Need And Why - Click HERE to learn about brushes and which ones you might need and why.

Learning to Create Distance - Click HERE to see from one of my favorite paintings how to create depth and fool the eye.

What Can I Learn From A Color Wheel - Click HERE to see a post about using and understanding a color wheel.

Organizing Paint - Click HERE to see how I organize my paint.  

Painting Peonies.  Click HERE to read a post with video instruction one way to paint peonies. 

Trying to Loosen up Your Work?  Click HERE to see how I played around trying to do just that. 

Improving Drawing Skills - Learning to draw can be frustrating to say the least.  Click HERE to see how I work to improve my drawing skills.  (Theory and motivation)

Getting An Idea For A Painting - Click HERE to see the process of getting an idea and taking it to fruition. 

How Do YOU Plan Out Your Time - Click HERE to see one way I do it.  

 When Will You SEE Improvement in Your Painting?- Click HERE to see the Magic Formula for seeing results.

Learning to Paint On The Cheap - Click HERE to read and listen to ways to cut down on the cost of learning to paint.  (disclaimer - I'm going to show you my own online art course, but there's lots of other info too.) 

Tips For Mixing Color - Click HERE to learn how to mix and understand color. 

What Can You Learn From Painting 30 Paintings in 30 Days? - Click HERE to find out the ups and downs of this online painting challenge.

One Way To Transfer a Drawing to a Support - In this case the support was a rock, but you'll get the idea.  Click HERE to see how this worked. 

Preparation is Key For Success - Click HERE to see how I got ready to paint 30 paintings in 30 days.

Improving Painting Clouds - Click HERE to see the process for improvement. 

How To Set Up An Acrylic Palette - Click HERE to learn how to set up your palette (includes video)   

More Cloud Painting Videos - Click HERE to see why what I started isn't what I ended up with. 

How Many Brushes Do I Need? - Click HERE to see what 2 brushes can do.  

How To Paint Sunflowers From The Inside Out - Click HERE to see how to do that.  

What Kind Of Paper Should I Use For Practice - Click HERE to see the types of paper available.


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