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Thursday, September 26, 2019

17 Young Women and Pumpkin Paintings

The Paint Was Flying

with these 17 young women as they painted pumpkins.

This is a group of young women I taught at our church several weeks ago.  I know, I'm really behind on posting this.

We painted pumpkins, vines, leaves and polka dots.
Check out those smiles.

It's wonderful to look back at pics of classes and see the expressions on their faces.  

Emily went out on her own with her painting,
but hey, it's her painting.
It's all good.

Even the Sister Missionaries got in on the fun.
Most of these young women were 12-18 or so.

Check out those fabulous paintings and all those happy smiles.  
I had a great time teaching these young women
and I think they had a pretty great time also.

Contact me if you would like to do something like this in your group.  I can come to you and I provide all supplies.  

If you're looking for art lessons in person or online,
I'm your girl.

I teach a beginning art class the 3rd Saturday of every month at General Butler State Park, Carrollton, KY., on the Mezzanine level of the lodge.  Join us.
Class is $20 and I provide everything you'll need.

Visit my website at for
my full blown art course where you will learn to paint from the ground up with beginning lessons in subjects like:  
color and how it works
paint and how to use it
Which brushes to use and why
What to paint on
How to practice
How to create form
and step by step instructions for 2 complete paintings.

There are also several single subject classes there
as well as a FREE daisy painting class
for you to try it before you buy it.

If you've always wanted to learn to paint or draw
but life got in the way,
join my FREE Facebook group where I go live every Thursday at 1 p.m.
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Do you have a homeschool class who would like to add art 
as part of your curriculum.  
I created a FREE Facebook group just for you.
Painter Nation Homeschool Art Club.
I go live in there ever Wednesday at 1 p.m.
Click HERE to go to that group, ask to join and
answer the 3 questions and I can open that door up.

Thanks for stopping by today and let's paint together real soon!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fraternity Wives Paint
Wine Glasses
(film at 11)

These ladies have husbands 
that met in college in a fraternity.

They have been renewing friendships for 31 years,
every September.
How special is that.

We all got together in early September and the ladies painted these fun wine glasses.

We were a little cramped
but I believe everyone had fun.
 We're in a hotel room that had a living room as well as a bedroom.
We painted in the living room.

 Everyone had 2 glasses to paint.
Most painted 2 dragon flies, 
but several painted a dragon fly and a peacock feather.
 There is always stress that sounds like
"I can't do it, Mine's a mess, or 
Mine is terrible", 
but everyone's turned out really cute I think.

Sometimes you have to use a hair dryer to
hurry the work along.
 They really are painting and
not just chit chatting.

And the proof is in the pudding.

I think they did a great job,
and I loved getting to know them. 

It turns out Chris, the tall one in the back
actually was in one of my classes this past April at General Butler State Park.
Small FUN World!

If you'd like to paint wine glasses with your group,
hit me up at


If you're interested in learning to paint head on over to my website.  Click HERE to view my website, and while there why not sign up for the FREE daisy painting class.

If you've always wanted to learn to paint/draw,
but life got in the way, why not join my 
FREE Facebook group.
Click HERE to go to the page, ask to join and answer the 3 questions that will pop up.  Once you answer the questions, I can open that door up and welcome you in.
I do a live class every Thursday at 1 p.m.
In August we painted this fun landscape.


I also have a YouTube channel where 
I make every effort to post on Friday mornings.
(Doesn't always happen, but I did use the word try).
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Thanks a bunch for stopping by today
and here's hoping we paint together real soon.

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