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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Brand New Class in Vevay, Indiana

Painting a Scene That Could Be Seen 
Anywhere In Indiana!

Saturday I took my art show on the road to a new venue.
I taught at The Community Art Center of Switzerland County in Vevay, Indiana to a super group of painters.

 All ready to rock!

Not sure what I was doing, but they were all paying attention.

They really paid attention and 
got a lot done in a very short amount of time.

Got the sky and grass on.

Everyone's working!

Starting to draw the barn on.
Take a big breath.  You can do this!

And now they're ready for their close-up Mr. DeMille!

Thank you all so much for coming today
 and for painting this fun barn with me.

I'll be teaching at the Community Art Center in Vevay, Indiana the 4th Saturday of every month, noon-2 p.m.  
Each class is $20 per person and I'm going to do my very best to see that not only do you have fun, but that you learn something about painting all along the way.

If you would like to join us, leave me a comment below and I'll save you a seat.  
Or you can call the Art Center at 812-226-6006 and reserve a spot.

I have a YouTube channel that is packed full of art instruction videos.  Click HERE to go to my channel, then click the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel, and click the little bell to be notified when I upload a new video
 which is usually on Friday.  

Another great opportunity to learn to paint and/or draw, is to join my FREE Facebook group, Bucket List Artists.  I do a Facebook live there on Thursday's at 1 p.m. and I post in there almost every day.  It is a safe place to ask questions and post your work.
Click HERE to go to the group and ask to join.  Then answer the 3 questions that pop up.  Those 3 questions actually unlock the door, so if you don't answer I can't open up this fun group so you can begin to learn to paint and draw.   

Thanks for hanging out with me today
and let's paint together real soon.  

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Paining With Gifted and Talented Kiddos!

Gift and Talented Kiddos

This past week I had a great opportunity to paint with a super group of kiddos in Carroll County Kentucky.  

We took over the art room at the high school and had a blast painting a beach scene with flip flops in the sand.

I had several middle schoolers and high schoolers and a teacher who did a super job painting.

there were lots of giggles and paint splatters.

 There was some after school snacking, giggling
and painting going on in this great art room.

Everyone stayed busy and focused on their art.

And finally,

We are finished 
and didn't they do a great job.  

They all must love yellow flip flops!  
How fun is that.  

If your group, class or posse would like to paint together as a group, shoot me a message
and let's paint together real soon.

If you would like to take a Free online painting class
click HERE.

In case you didn't know, I have a YouTube channel where I share a new video every Friday, (usually). 
Click HERE to go to my channel.
Click the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel.  
There's tons of art how-to's on there. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

WOW! Was I Ever Blown Away!

What An Incredible Class!

Saturday I taught at General Butler State Park
in Carrollton, KY and I was blown away
 by how many of you showed up.

I have never had more than 12 come to classes at the park
and Saturday, on a cold, gloomy, rainy day nearly 30 people showed up.
The problem was, I only had canvases for 25.
I am so sorry I had to turn people away and
I hope you will join me again next month.

I try to always be prepared but I was not prepared for that huge group that came Saturday.

Having said that -
We had a wonderful time painting this fun barn.

I heard lots of
"I'll never get that barn on there"
"We'll be here till midnight getting this done"

but everyone did get their barn on their canvas and we were not there til midnight, 
but we finished right at 2 p.m. as planned. 

Fun giant group

Our lone young painter 
but she hung with the adults like a Champ.

More painters at another table.

We canceled the defibrillator to get the tree painted.
There were no heart attacks as we got the tree 
and then the fence painted on.  

This was such a fun painting with a 
wonderful group of people to paint with. 

We'll be painting again at General Butler State Park on February 15.  
We may be in the rec center at the park because of the crowd and the park will be running a Valentine's special and this class might be part of the package deal.
We'll be painting a fun beach scene.  
We all want to be at the beach, right!

If you have always wanted to learn to paint and/or 
draw but life got in the way - 
join my FREE Facebook group, Bucket List Artists.
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Ask to join and then answer the 3 questions that pop up.
Then, because I think you are the bees knees
I'll say yes and you can hop on in 
and start learning all sorts of arty things. 

If you have a homeschool and 
would like to add art to your curriculum,
you are in luck because I have a FREE Facebook group
 for that as well.

Click HERE to go to that group.
Answer the 3 questions that pop up and your homeschool will be painting and drawing in no time.

I have a YouTube channel where I post weekly on Fridays with new beginning art instruction.
Click HERE to visit my channel and please click the thumbs up button and subscribe.  Then click the little bell next to subscribe and you'll be notified when I upload new videos on Friday. 
I have over 100 videos on there
 especially created for the beginning artist. 

And finally, for even more instruction, some free
 and some you have to pay for, 
go to my website to see my Full Blown Art Course, and the single subject classes I have there.  
I also have a FREE class on there as well as Free blog.  
Click HERE to go to my website.  

Thanks so much for dropping by today
and let's paint together real soon.

This is what happens after the class is over and everyone leaves with their paintings.
Lots of brushes to be washed.

Things Every Artist Should Know

Things Every Artist Should Know

Recently I posted a video on my YouTube channel
talking about 5 things every artist should know.  
Every Friday I am going into more depth on those 5 things.  

Click HERE to see the original video that started all this.

Week 1 was understanding color theory.  
Click HERE to see that blog post and video. 
One thing about understanding color theory is,
you will NEVER learn it all.
Don't stress!
It's a big subject and you will always be learning about color.

Week 2 was Practice, Practice and PRACTICE
Click HERE to see the how and why to practice.
Practice is critical to improving your skills.
Art isn't just talent.  It's also skills.
Skills can only be improved through practice,
just like playing the piano or shooting free throws. 


Week 3 is this week and the topic is one thing that can really de-rail your art journey.
STOP comparing your beginning art to someone else's
 20th year of creating art.
It's not fair to you because it sets you up for failure.
You didn't start painting to fail, but if you are comparing what you can create now to what someone else can create after being at it for 20 years,
 I'm pretty sure you will stop creating.
It's not fair to us, because you may never create
 the great art that is in you.  

Click HERE to see this video.  

If you like this or any of my videos, now would be a great time to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel.
There's tons of beginning art lessons on there.

If you haven't visited my website yet, 
now is a great time to do it.  
I have several paid single subject classes there as well as a full blown beginning art course, but there is also a FREE 4 video painting class on there and a FREE blog with many posts for beginning artists.
Click HERE to visit my website. 

I have created a FREE Facebook group especially for beginners called Bucket List Artists.  
Click HERE to go to the page, ask to join, answer the 3 questions and because you're so awesome I'll welcome you right on it.  

Thanks for stopping by today
 and let's paint together real soon.   

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Adding Indiana location for 2nd monthly painting class.

Adding Vevay, Indiana
To My Painting Classes

Would you like to learn how to paint this painting?

You can learn to paint in my beginning painting class.

I took my painting class show on the road
in 2019 to General Butler State Park
in Carrollton, KY.

This year I'm adding 
The Community Art Center of Switzerland County, 
in Vevay, Indiana.

Monthly schedule 
3rd Saturday - General Butler State Park,
Carrollton , KY
4th Saturday - The Community Art Center 
of Switzerland County, Vevay, Indiana.

All classes are from noon - 2 p.m.
the cost is $20, I provide all the supplies,
You provide the FUN!

This is the January painting we'll be doing
in either class.

This may look difficult, but I will walk you through every step of the way and you can turn it into your own piece by choosing different colors, changing your barn, etc.

My classes are not like other sip and paint classes where I tell you to put a stroke here.  I am teaching you a method you can use in all your own art in the future.  You will learn why you put the stoke somewhere and how it affects the rest of the painting.  This is really beginning painting 101.

It's always amazing to me and everyone else in the class, that even though we're all painting the same thing, everyone's painting is different.  I love that.

We paint on 8" x 10" canvas panels to keep the cost low.

The lessons you will learn can be transferred 
to all your art in the future.

Click HERE to go to my Facebook page.  

Click HERE to see my YouTube channel.  Subscribe and then click the little bell to receive notification when I post a new video.  Usually on Friday.

Click HERE to take a FREE daisy painting class. 

Hey thanks for stopping by today.
Let's paint together real soon!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Understanding Color Theory

Understanding Color Theory

Understanding Color
is at the heart of all art.  

It's amazing that from the 3 primary colors (hues)
red, yellow, blue,
we can create all other colors.

This video explains the how and the why of the color wheel, how to create form using color, and how to create shadows using the complement of any color.

Click HERE to view the video.

Sure would appreciate it if you would click that thumbs up button and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Click that little bell after you subscribe and you'll be notified when I upload new videos, usually on Friday.

As an artist you will be learning how to use color, how color works and understanding color for the rest of your life.  
This video was created for the beginning artist in mind to wet your whistle in understanding color.

Understanding Color is the top thing 
from a recent video I made
"5 Things Every Beginning Artist Should Know."

Click Here to see the video.

I believe one the first and main things an artist needs to understand is color.  I've written a lot about it over the years. Here are a few of the posts I've written about it.

Click HERE for a blog post I wrote about 
understanding color by using a color wheel.  

For even more info on understanding color
click HERE.  This post is all about understanding color values.  

 I recently got this baby framed and delivered to The Community Art Center of Switzerland County in Vevay, Indiana where it is currently for sale.
Here's the view from the back.
Doesn't that look nice. 
Every artist should know how to frame a painting because it takes every bit of 20 minutes and BOOM - you've saved yourself a boatload of money and it looks so professional.
Watch the video below.

Click HERE to learn how to frame a painting.

You didn't know I had a FREE painting class on my website.
Click HERE to go to this class that will teach you how to paint daisies, stems, leaves and an impressionistic background. 

Is it on your bucket list to learn to paint or draw?
Join my FREE Facebook group
Bucket List Artists.
I go live on Thursdays at 1 p.m. with a lesson and daily with hints, tips and tricks on improving your art.
It's a safe community to ask questions and post your work.
Click HERE to join us. 

So you homeschool your kiddos and
 you'd like to add art to your curriculum?
I can help with that too.
I have a FREE Facebook group just for you.
Click HERE to join.  

Hey if you made it all the way to the bottom,
thanks a bunch.

Have a great day
and Let's Paint Together Real Soon!

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