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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Painting is So Much Fun!

Painting is Fun,
No Matter How Many Come!

Gary is a good friend of mine and last week he came to the Community Art Center of Switzerland County 
in Vevay, Indiana to paint this fun beach scene.  

Gary is all in for fun and for learning.
He listens and works hard to understand 
and follow directions.  
Because of that, he always does a great job.

This is his fun flip flop and beach scene.


Some of the things learned in this class were:
  1. Creating distance in the sky, water and sand,
  2. How to paint a weathered fence,
  3. How to draw and paint the flip flops
  4. How to paint distant birds,
  5. How to let go and have fun.

That last part is often hard for people to do.

Letting go, quit comparing yourself to someone else,
have fun can be so hard.

Why do we make it so hard?

Our insecurities grab a hold of us 
and start whispering in our ears:
"You're not as good as he is"
"You can't do this"
"Who do you think you are to think you can paint"

Ever hear any of that going on in your head?


Stop that voice!

Tell that voice to go away!!!

Don't let that voice steal your joy!

Join us for our next class
and leave "the voice" at home!

Here's the list of classes in March created for beginners:

March 14, Paint 2 wine glasses
noon - 2 p.m. 
Community Art Center of Switzerland County, Vevay, In

March 21, Paint this Easter Basket
noon - 2 p.m. 
General Butler State Park
Recreation Center - between the tennis courts and the conference center.
Carrollton, KY

March 21, Paint This Easter Basket
noon - 2 p.m.
Community Art Center of Switzerland County,
Vevay, In

Three opportunities to take a beginning painting class.

I'll be walking you through step by step, not just the how,
 but also the why we do things.

Bring yo momma, yo sissy, your BFF, your posse'
or come as you are.
You'll make friends,
you'll learn something,
you'll have fun!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

You Can Learn to Paint

You Should Join Us
The Third Saturday of the Month

The third Saturday of the month you are invited to paint with me at General Butler State Park in Carrollton, KY.
Noon - 2 p.m. 
$20 and I supply everything.
We've moved to the recreation center
 near the conference center. 

This past Saturday a group of ladies came to the park to paint this fun beach scene.

Mom and sisters came together to paint
and have fun.

Susan has come several times and has done some great work.
Yep right now she's painting upside down.

There's more than one way to skin a cat ya know.

This is usually where I put my video of the painters painting, but for some reason I can see the video and I can watch the video but I can't transfer the video anywhere.
(Gee I love technology)

But here we are with our finished products.  
Looks at all those fun flip flops.  
This was a great group even if we were few in numbers.  

Some of the things they learned was how to create depth in a sky, how to paint water and sand, 
the how behind laying out a painting.  They learned how to paint sand so it looks wet, how to paint a rustic wooden fence, how to paint grass and 
how to paint small birds in the distance.  

I try to make sure all my students understand the why of what they're doing and to just, "put a stroke here".

Here are the paintings we will be doing in the future. 

 March 21, we'll be painting this charming Easter basket.
You'll have lots of creativity in your basket and what color you choose for your eggs and your grass.  

April 18 we'll paint this fun blue jar with tulips and hydrangeas in it.

You're going to love painting glass.

May 16th we'll be painting this fun lighthouse.
Make it any lighthouse you want.
I'm just teaching a method, you make it your own.

Remember, it's the 3rd Saturday of the month,
noon - 2 p.m.
General Butler State Park
Carrollton, KY  41045
at the recreation center next to the conference center.
$20 and I provide everything you need.
You provide the fun.


If you've always wanted to learn to paint or draw, 
but life got in the way,
 join my FREE Facebook group
 Bucket List Artists. 

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Ask to join and answer the 3 questions that will pop up and you'll be in in no time.
I go live in there Thursdays at 1 p.m.
There's over a years worth of classes 
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The key to unlocking the door to all this camaraderie and fun and instruction is answering the 3 questions.  If you don't answer, the door can't open and I want you in here having fun and learning how to paint and/or draw.  

For more instruction, click HERE to go to my website
where I have paid classes, a full blown art course, a free blog with lots of instruction and a free 4 video painting class.  

Click HERE to go to my other website
 with all my available art.  

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and 
let's paint together real soon.  

Friday, February 14, 2020

How To Paint A Pine Tree - Beginning Art Lesson

Paint A Pine Tree

This weeks YouTube video is how to paint a pine tree.  

Let's not waste any time.
Let's get right down to it 
and learn to paint those pine trees.

This video teaches how to achieve 3 dimensional perspective for the pine trees, how to create a shadow
 and how to create depth.
Lots of great info for a beginning artist.

If you haven't subscribed to my channel
 and are a beginning artist, you really should.
I have tons of videos on my channel
 created especially for beginning artists.

If you're a beginning artist, I also have a 
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Start learning how to paint and/or draw almost instantly.  

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It's a safe place for your homeschool kiddos to learn art concepts and to post their work.  

Grab my free eBook on 3 Ways To Improve Your Art.

Thanks for stopping by today
 and let's paint together real soon.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Beginning Art Lesson - How To Paint A Tree

Learn How to Paint A Tree

(I had too update the video because for some reason it kept cutting out the video but the voice kept going mid stream)

Not just any old tree, 
but a deciduous tree!  🌳

Yeah!  I had to look that up too.
It's the kind that the leaves fall off.

This weeks YouTube video is how to paint a deciduous
tree, without any leaves.  

You didn't know I have a YouTube channel?

I do and it's chocked full of videos created 
especially for the beginning artist.  
Click HERE to watch this super stupendous video on how to paint a tree where the leaves fall off. 

If you like the video, please click the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel.  

My goal with my channel, and basically everything I teach is to help beginning artists shorten their learning curve in their quest to learn to paint and draw. If you're a beginning artist my channel is definitely for you.  

If you've always wanted to learn to paint and/or draw but life got in the way, I have created a Facebook group, Bucket List Artists, especially for you.  Click HERE to go to the group, ask to join AND answer the 3 questions that pop up.  Cause you're so awesome, I'll say yes and you'll have tons of beginning artist lessons and info at your fingertips.
I go live in there on Thursdays at 1 p.m.  There is a ton of material in there for a beginning artist.  

If you're a homeschool fam who would like to add art to your curriculum, but you're not an artist,
I've got you covered.  I have a Facebook group especially for you also, Homeschool Art Club.  Click HERE to go to the group, ask to join and answer the 3 questions that pop up.  Once you answer those 3 questions, that door will open up and you'll have about 1 1/2 years worth of videos, lessons, tips, tricks, hints, etc for your homeschool.  
I go live in there Wednesday's at 1 p.m.

If you haven't checked out my website, 
it's another site created for the beginning artist.
There are paid classes on there but there is also a FREE 4 video class and a FREE blog with beginning art instruction.  

Can you tell?
I love beginners.  

Thanks for stopping by and let's paint together real soon.  

Monday, February 3, 2020

5 Things Every Artist Should Know/Do

5 Things Every Artist Should Do/Know

Yea yea yea!
There's lots more than 5 things,
but these 5 things can make or break you 
before you even get started.

Over a month ago I did a YouTube video on the
 5 Things Every Artist Should Know/Do.

Click HERE to see that video.

Then I dedicated the next 5 weeks 
diving deeper into those 5 things.

Each video is less than 10 minutes long,
 and I am trying to help all beginning artists focus on what will bring them the most bang for their buck, so to speak.  

Click HERE to see Video #1.
I put this first because as an artist, you will be studying and learning about color for the rest of your artistic life.

Click HERE to see Video #2
I put practice as #2 because  many beginning artists think that they're just going to go in there and paint a master piece immediately and that couldn't be further from the truth.  
You have to learn some stuff and then you have to practice that stuff.  It's just the nature of the beast.  If you want to get good at anything you have to make time for it and practice.  
There is no other way!

Click HERE to see Video #3.
Comparing your art to someone else's art
will only break your heart.
Not because they are better than you, but because you're comparing so you already think they are better than you.  

You also don't want to compare another artists 20th year work
 to your first year work.

That is a real recipe for disaster and a short lived art career.

Click HERE to see Video #4.

I hope that doesn't sound like I'm talking down to you
because I'm not.
What I am saying, is recognize you're a beginner 
and you have things to learn, study and practice on 
before you're going to get good.  
Don't set out to paint that gorgeous sunset with layers of hills, light streams, animals, fences, grasses, a barn and a house before you have spent some time learning about color.
Practice in bites adding things as you go.

Click HERE to see video #5.
Many beginning artists doubt themselves and their ability because they don't have any "talent".
A lot of painting and drawing is skill.
Skill comes with putting miles on the brush or pencil.
Talent is able to come out as you develop skills.

I hope you enjoyed this video series.  If you did, please click the thumbs up button on my YouTube channel and subscribe.  A little bell will pop up once you subscribe.  Click that little bell and you will receive a notification each week when I upload a new video, which is typically on Friday.  

Thanks for stopping by today and let's paint together real soon.  

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