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Monday, April 27, 2015

Remember Your Raisin

Remember Your Raisin'

 Country Sunday afternoons,
sitting on the porch after church and dinner,

Rocking in a rocking chair,
or on the porch swing,
sipping lemonade,

with the scent of geraniums,
lemon verbena,
mint and lavender 
wafting around and getting an occasional whiff.

Lovely memories of friends and relatives
come back to you 
and visit on occasion.

These are the important things of life.

Never forget love and lessons learned.

Congratulations on your wedding
to Steven and Dallas.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Eye Candy

Spring Scents

My husband Jim loves to cut flowers from the yard and bring them into the house for me.
I love receiving them.

He picked a beautiful bunch of spring flowers 
the other day.  

I knew I had to paint them and I have,
several times,
in several formats.

Here's one of them.

16" x 12" acrylic on a stretched canvas.
$200 + shipping.

Thanks for stopping by today.

I so appreciate it and enjoy reading your comments.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Student Art Benefit and A Random Act of Paint

Benefit Student Art Show

raised a total of $218.60 
for Carroll County Animal Support.  

I am so proud of my students for participating in this 
Benefit Art Show and for showing up at the event
and supporting each other.

Thank you to all the public who came throughout the month and voted.

The check has been delivered and one dog can be spayed or neutered
and one dog will be taken care of during the fostering process.

We can't save them all, but we made a difference to those two.

This little video shows off the art in the show.

1st Place Adults - Monica Daniels and her Pansies won 5 tubes of professional grade acrylic paint for raising $28.63.
2nd Place Adults - Sandy Hirn and her painting of Sunflowers in a Jar.  She won a gift certificate for a free class for raising $25.49.

1st Place Children - Lily Frye for her Giraffe painting.  She raised $14.32 and received 5 tubes of student grade acrylic paint and a gift certificate for a free class.
2nd Place Children - Rileigh Westrick for her Daisy painting.  She raised $8.33 and received a gift certificate for a free class.

Now For A Random Act of Paint
I am so grateful spring is trying to arrive.
 We've had tons of rain and flooding,
cold and wind,
and a warm day or two, but
spring is trying to get here,
so in honor of spring,
I have a number of new works I've been working on 
so today I'm giving you a little preview,

   10" x 8" on a stretched canvas, unframed

I painted this from life from flowers my husband picked from our yard.

Wouldn't this help spring arrive in your part of the world also?

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy Spring!

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