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Friday, June 26, 2020

Immersed in Daisies

I Might Have Been Drowning in Daisies.

I like working in a series because it forces me to study one subject deeply.  Do it over and over and create
 muscle memory with the brush.

That's exactly what I did recently with daisies. 

First there's the prep work.  
I got a lot of canvases ready to paint by creating a grey using ultramarine blue and orange and white.  
 You can see the streaks in the canvases.
I don't like having a background with a solid color.
This always adds movement and depth to a painting.
Even if my painting covers every inch of the canvas,
I like to start this way.

Next came some warm up practice
 painting daisies in every direction.

Then it was time to get down to business.

I love painting daisies in Mason jars.
I love the blue and the white.  

I started out with 5" x 7" canvas panels.
It seems like it's easier to go from small to large than from large to small.


These are in the Community Art Center in
Vevay, Indiana.

Then things began to get a little crazy.

This is 12" x 12" 
Is currently at The Community Art Center
in Vevay, Indiana.

This was an 8" x 10" on a stretched canvas

This was a 16" x 20" on a stretched canvas.

The next 3 paintings are all going to 
The Community Art Center in Vevay, Indiana today.

 16" x 20" On a stretched canvas

 This is an 11" x 14  on a stretched canvas.

 This is a 16" x 20" on a stretched canvas
and I needed to add some zinnias and echinacea into the mix.

This was 20" x 20" gallery wrap canvas.

Here's a short video giving you a closer look at the group.

This is a group shot of most of the paintings I did in this crazy experiment, but not all.  

They were evidently popular with others as well as myself,
because many of them found forever homes.  

The main thing about painting this way is you learn so much
and your hand no longer has to think so hard about what to do next.  

I have a free daisy painting class on my website.

Follow the link below and sign up 
to take this totally free class.
Then you can begin your own crazy love affair with daisies. 

Click HERE to sign up for the FREE
Daisy Painting Class. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Homeschool Fun Stuff

Homeschool Fun Stuff

Recently in my Facebook group,
Homeschool Art Club
while my grand kids were visiting from Utah,
we painted a tic tac toe set.  

Here we're painting the rocks.

Then we painted the X's and O's on them.

I took a placemat and made the board using painters tape.

We store it in a large ziploc bag with our other games.

Also in our Facebook Group
Homeschool Art Club recently,
we drew cartoon faces.  

That was lots of fun and very simple. 

If you have or know of a homeschool family who would like to add art to their curriculum, why not share this with them.

It's a fun FREE group and I go live on Wednesdays about 
1 p.m. with a new drawing or painting class.  

These were so much fun to draw.

Click HERE to visit the
Homeschool Art Club and then ask to join.
Then 3 questions pop up.  Answer those questions and that will open the door for you to hop on in and start adding art to your curriculum.  And right now, pretty much every family is a homeschool family.  

There's nearly 2 years of classes in 
Homeschool Art Club
and it's all there for you for free.  

Hope to see you there


let's paint together real soon.

Click HERE to see my available art.

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