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Monday, April 30, 2012

Still Working
Is how I hope to be described when I'm as old as this barn.

I painted this during Meet the Artist at Gallery 104 , LaGrange, KY
last Saturday night from a photograph of a barn
in Carroll County I took a number of years ago.
It was fun being out on the sidewalk in front of the gallery,
with my photograph taped on my easel.

As you can see there are some repairs to this old barn,
it's been patched and added on to, 
but it's still doing what it was created for.
Housing things for a farmer.
You can see all the way through the barn to the undergrowth in the back.  

Thanks for stopping by.

9" x 12" unframed acrylic signed original

$100 + $10 shipping. 
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Some ideas for Mother's Day

are the theme for these two hand painted items.
The painting is a framed 5" x 7" acrylic.
The frame has been painted and distressed to coordinate.
The bird house is wood and hand painted.
I'm selling them together for $50 + $10 shipping.


A really cute welcome plaque featuring a hummingbird
getting a snack.


This wooden candle sconce has a glass votive cup and includes the candle.

$20 w/free shipping.

All of these items would look great together or separately and were painted with a shabby chic,
or country cottage home in mind.
Very soft, Very feminine.

Don't let these get away. 

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Fun Stuff - for Kari the shoe dog

My daughter is a shoe dog and if you've known her very long you'll recognize these shoes.
This is acrylic on a 5" x 7" panel.
As I had the shoes set up to paint, her son kept sitting up the one shoe because he didn't like it laying down.
He also was not impressed that I had his mothers shoes.  
"Those belong to my mom", he kept telling me.
This was so fun to paint.
We won't tell Aidan, but I have another pair in my studio waiting to paint.
Gave her back the shoes and the painting.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Plein Air show May 17

Plein Air Show May 17, 6 - 8 p.m. at Gallery 104, LaGrange, KY.

Now you have all the details, let me give you the scoop.

For those of you who might not be familiar with plein air paintings,
its painting outside in the open air on site.

The goal, aside from being outside and enjoying the day,
is to see all the details of a particular scene,
all the lights and shadows,
all the colors and shades,
and how they all affect each other.

It's a very challenging artform,
contending with the wind has been difficult for me,
but it's also a lot of fun.

Most of the paintings in this show will probably be from recognizable places
in and or near Oldham County, KY.

Awards are usually given out around 7 p.m.

And I'm not above bribing you with food,
so there will be refreshments.

Come and give it a look.

Feel free to spread this invite around.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Two view of Daffodil Divas

I took this photo of daffodils and tulips
out in my yard.
Usually, in my yard anyway,
tulips and daffodils bloom a week or two apart,
so I seldom see them both blooming together.
And yet, here they are.

Both of these paintings are 5" x 7" and are painted on panels.

The one above is in acrylic

and the one below is oil.

I was having another day where I was playing in paint.


Oil or Acrylic

Fifth Street House

I lived in Carrollton, KY for about 8 years
and I used to walk around the block from my house a lot.
There was a beautiful old victorian home one block over that I loved.
They had a beautiful hydrangea bush that almost covered their porch.
I say had, because, a few years ago the bush was pretty torn up in a storm.
I snapped this photo probably 12-14 years ago,
and have kept it waiting to paint it sometime.

Now is the sometime.

unframed 8" x 10" acrylic on a panel.

$100 w/free shipping
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The Community

The Community

is unlike the community where I live
and maybe where you live,
it's a community of trees nonetheless.
Pine trees, old trees, young trees, dead trees.

All different, all living together.

I used a very limited pallet to paint this.
I was sort of playing around with the trees
and the view of the big ol tree.
He sort of looks like he's (I don't know why I think he's a he),
teaching the little guy in front of him,
or directing the choir of pines in the background.

I think I'm way out there on this one,
thought-process wise,
this community says a lot,
for things that don't talk.

unframed acrylic 5" x 7" on canvas panel
$50 + $6 shipping

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Twice as Nice

I painted these two paintings from a photo I took several years ago while visiting
my uncle in Naples, FL.  

I took a lot of great pics of birds that trip because my uncle loves birds and knows
where to go to see them and what they are.

The one above is an unframed 5" x 7" acrylic on a panel.

$50 + $6 shipping

This is a larger version.
It's an unframed 8" x 10" acrylic on a panel.
The color in this photo is a little brighter than the painting, but I couldn't fix it.

$100 w/free shipping
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birdhouse Business Card

Condo Living

Is a 12" x 12" acrylic on stretched gallery wrap canvas.

I painted it from a photograph I took several years ago
at Streamcliff Herb Farm.
I have already painted it in a 5"x7" format
and wanted to try something bigger.

Once I got it finished I realized I wanted to use it as my new business card.

I bought a groupon a while back from Vistaprint,
I uploaded the picture of the painting and created my own
business cards, mailing labels, a banner for my tent,
and several tote bags.

So, I'd like to get your opinion.  
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  

I love the colors in this painting and the style is from a class I took in February from
Dreama Tolle Perry.

Maybe you'll get one of my postcards with this painting on it.  

The painting is currently in 
Gallery 104, LaGrange, KY.

If you're interested please contact me to assure availability.

$200 + $20 shipping.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Three Candlesticks to Coordinate with the wall grouping

Three Hand Painted Candlesticks

These lovely candlesticks are hand painted
to coordinate with the wall grouping that
includes an original acrylic painting.

$30 with FREE yes you heard me right FREE Shipping

These items would look wonderful in a Shabby Chic or beach themed
home, office or room.
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Shabby Chic groups

Shabby Chic Wall Grouping

This grouping has a 12" x 12" original acrylic painting
one hand painted wood candle sconce and two hand painted shelves.
Separately they were listed on for $73 plus shipping of about $20.
I am currently offering this grouping for $75 including shipping.

This is a great way to create a great shabby chic look
in your home with a grouping of items that were made for each other.

This would look great in a beach house, a home, room or office in the shabby chic style.

Check this out and get back to me. 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Red Sky at night, Sailor's delight

Sailor's Delight

is a framed 8 x 10 acrylic on masonite board 

I love the sunsets we get here in Kentucky and I love seeing them come to life in a painting.

$150 + $10 shipping

Scent of a Lilac

Scent of a Lilac

This was painted from a lilac bush that's almost grown into my driveway.

I take my grandson on walks around our small farm,
and there are very predictable places where you can smell
the scent of the lilacs.
It is intoxicating.

$50 + $6 shipping

Another Victory, I hope

I've been trying to do several things to help more people find me and my art.
Following the advice of my art hero,
Dreama Tolle Perry,
I've been working on getting an email list together and
sending out a newsletter.
Got the mail chimp thingy and as my usual self goes,
took me a while to get the hang of it.
But today, at 7:00 p.m. if you subscribed to my blog, you should be getting the 
first newsletter from me.

The painting above is the content of that newsletter
and what and where and how I did it.

If you get one, YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally did something right. 
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paintings in the Gallery


$50 + $7 shipping
framed 5 x 7" acrylic on panel

Lilacs and all the small unframed pieces below are currently at
Gallery 104 in LaGrange, KY.

They are all 5 x 7's except for the last one, "Purple Rain" is 8 x 10"

If you're interested in any, please contact me so I can check with the gallery on their availability.

They are bright and colorful and fun little paintings.

The Housing District

$75 + $6 shipping


$35 + $6 shipping


$40 + $6 shipping


$50 + $6 shipping

Purple Rain

$50 + 7 shipping
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