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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Painting In A Group

. . .Can Be Scary!

I have soooo been there!

You want to learn to paint,
you sign up for a class,
you show up, 

and. . .

so does fear and trepidation!

Thanks to the Carroll County Public Library and the Carroll County Arts Board, these folks had the opportunity to learn to paint and have a ball too!

I've gone to workshops and walked in
and immediately KNEW everyone in the room
 was better than me.

You can tell that by their shoes Sharon?  

It is scary to actually get yourself to a class 
full of other people and they might see your work,
or how you hold the brush,
or what colors you prefer,
or that you don't know something. . .

I taught two classes yesterday of eager beginning painters,
and I love teaching beginners.

They are so much fun, they want to learn,
it's all new to them,
and we usually have a ball.

I come out rejuvenated and I hope they come out feeling like they learned something and they can learn more.

But it is scary!
I hope we have enough fun to shoo that scary feeling away.

Here's some of the fun.

And here's more of the fun!

Yep!  You're seeing it right.
That lady on the right from the Senior Center showed up in a white lace dress and hat to paint.

And she got out unscathed and unpainted on her dress.

This fun bunch has lots of family in it.

One painter had to leave to get an
 allergy shot before the pic.  

I think everyone was nervous but they all did a great job.

We had a lot of fun.

OK!  I had a lot of fun
and I hope they did to.  

Click HERE to see how you can host a painting party
if you live somewhere near Carroll County, KY

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by today.

Oh, and give some love to my students
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