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What Others Are Saying About Classes

@Sharon Durbin Graves,

What Others Say About My Classes

Please don't take my word for it,
Here's what others say about classes I've taught.

I had 3 boys take Sharon Graves art camp on drawing.  It was such a great experience for them.  They loved each day!  Sharon did a great job teaching drawing, shading and dimension.  The boys would come away from class saying how much they learned, it was the best day, can we continue to go back. 
As a parent, sitting in on the classes, I appreciated her positive energy and encouragement she gave to my boys.  I also liked how she directed them in their drawing helping them make connections between their "seeing" and their "drawing".
Thanks Sharon, it was so great.
Jill N.

These students painted their versions of Van Gogh's 
Starry Night 

I've taught several classes of Gifted and Talented students in Carroll County Elementary school program
and this is what the director of the program has to say.

During the school year the school system provided opportunities for gifted students to come to school on Saturday to explore various learning opportunities.  As a part of this learning, students were offered choices of classes that included: the Arts, Physical challenges, Math, and Stem choices.  Each time the Visual Arts, provided by Sharon Graves, was a first choice for most students. 

 At each session the students, both male and female, worked with Sharon's instruction, to design an original painting.  The skills learned included:
  • inquiry learning through questioning and explanations of details
  • how to express feelings and emotions through drawing and painting
  • eye hand motor control
  • perceptual abilities including color, shape, form, lines, and textures,
  • making choices,
  • solving problems
  • visual literacy
  • And experiencing success
Every student that participated, loved their time exploring art and expressed great excitement about participating again at the next event.  Art brings great joy and allowing children to enjoy the process of creation can reap big rewards.  The work with Sharon allowed them to dabble in; math, science, creative thinking, and in turn gave a little boost to their self confidence.  Sharon is very talented as an artist and was able to guide each child in a way that brought out their inner Picasso, a win/win!

We will use her talents again and I highly recommend her work with young children.

Pam W.

Snowman In The Moonlight

Abstract Hearts


Jamie K. planned a birthday party for a friend at Elk Creek Winery and invited me to be their teacher.  This is what she had to say about the experience.

I organized a private wine and canvas birthday party for a friend of mine at Elk Creek Winery. Sharon was so helpful to me in organizing this event.  She was punctual with her correspondence and also flexible with allowing us to pick our print to paint.

She was great the day of the event with helping everyone in the group at each persons level.  I can't say enough positive things about Sharon!!  Can't wait to work with her again either in a group or private setting!

Jamie K.

Midway Ky

Need a FUN Team Building Exercise?

These co-workers came together to paint a snowman.

This is what the organizer had to say:

My coworkers and myself got together one day after school and painted with Sharon.  She was easy to reach and was here early and had everything prepared in advance.  She helped us choose a topic to paint before hand.  Sharon led us through the drawing and painting of a snowman.  She guided us as needed but let us do the work.  None of us would consider ourselves artists but we all walked away with beautiful paintings.   We enjoyed having her and working with her.

Megan M.
Gallatin Cty., KY

Your team could also benefit as well as enjoy
this fun activity.
It is always amazing that whatever the size of the group,
everyone is basically painting the same thing, 
but everyone puts their own spin on it, 
and no two look alike.

Let's Get Your Posse Together and Paint!

I take my painting party on the road and here's what happens.

I met Sharon when she had a studio in Carrollton.  From the beginning, she was knowledgeable, welcoming and easy to talk to, work with, and in scheduling.  I attended a few of her classes there.  I liked them so much, I invited her to come to my community and do classes with friends.  She has done several of those and the women in my community loved her.  She allowed us to pick the pictures we wanted to paint, and she gave us the opportunity to try different things to paint on.  We all had different levels of talent and with her coaching, we all came away with our own unique and lovely painting.  She encouraged each of us individually.  She brought everything, set everything up, and took everything down and cleaned up all of her work.  I have referred her to other friends and venues!

Suzanne P.
Perry Park, KY

 Let's Paint With Your Friends

Our group has so enjoyed the classes with Sharon! We consider it a get together, not a class. We rotate meeting in our homes and there's usually snacks and wine involved. We decide what we want to paint, she helps us with our medium and off we go! We've done a variety of things; canvas, floor tiles, slate roof tiles. 

Sharon is always on time, cleans up after and is so helpful to us newbies! Sharon supplies everything we need at a reasonable price. We're already talking about our next class. We'll be seeing you soon!

Mary G.

Perry Park, KY

Click HERE to get the scoop on how to host your own painting party,
your place or mine. 



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