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Monday, November 26, 2018

Cyber Monday Deals - But only til midnight!

I Don't Usually Do This,
But Hey, 
You're Gonna Love It!

You have until midnight tonight,
Monday, November 26 to get in on these 

Never offered anything like this before and probably never will again, but I'm giving you the chance to get anything on my website at ridiculous prices.

Deal #1

I have several single subject classes on my website that normally sell for $19.99.  Today, if you use the coupon code 
at checkout you'll receive 
50% off.
Do the math!

Click HERE to go to my website and then scroll down till you see the single subject classes.  
If you'd like to purchase either or both, just use that coupon code at checkout and you're taking an online painting class for only $10.

Deal #2

If you've thought about joining the 
Painter Nation Members Club,
a monthly membership club where you always have access to a minimum of 6 art concept classes plus every month I release a new bundle of drawing and painting classes on a specific theme.  Right now there are at least FOUR Bundles on there with hours of instruction.
It sells for $24.99 a month, I know, that's a great price,
but until midnight tonight you can take 50% off the first month and every single month you're a member.  You can cancel at any time, but why on earth would you.  
Coupon code Todayonly2018 gets you that discount.
Click HERE to learn more about the 
Painter Nation Members Club.

Deal #3

I can't believe I'm doing this, but hey,
 "you deserve a break today".

Use coupon code CMPWA2018 and take $80 off,
yes, you heard that right,
$80 off my Full Blown Art Course.
Click HERE to see what's included.

You only have until midnight tonight, November 26,
to make up your mind.

Are you kidding? 

On these incredible deals.

What's to think about.

If you've wanted to get serious about learning to paint,
adding art to your homeschool curriculum,
or to step up your skills, 
today is your moment!

I'm going to just back on outta here while you
get your thinking cap on.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving 
Happy Cyber Monday!

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