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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Biggest Painting Ever - (For Me)

 That Sure Is A Big Painting 

Ok, I'm not trying for the Guinness Book of Records,

but this is the biggest thing I've ever painted.

Sit down while I tell you about it.

I was was hunting and stalking a store for deals late last year that would rival the #Meateater Steven Rinella when I came across not one but three 36" x 36" gallery wrapped stretched canvases.  I crouched low so as not to be detected by other stalking painter shoppers.  I had my prey in my sites and soon I was the victor walking out of that store.

These canvases were huge and I had doubts I could get them in my car, but I did.

I brought them home and then they stared at me for several months as I contemplated what should go on something that huge.

I finally got ideas for two of them I thought I could execute so after the first of the year and while I was teaching a months' of private lessons to people and creating my new Beginner's Painting Club, I painted huge painting #1.

Maybe I should name it that.

I've been working on paintings with lots of dramatic skies recently so I wanted this bad boy to be reflective of that.


HERE for a short video of how it evolved.

It is currently in the Community Art Center of Switzerland County, Vevay, Indiana.

Click HERE to get all the details.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Let's paint together real soon.  


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