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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Adding Indiana location for 2nd monthly painting class.

Adding Vevay, Indiana
To My Painting Classes

Would you like to learn how to paint this painting?

You can learn to paint in my beginning painting class.

I took my painting class show on the road
in 2019 to General Butler State Park
in Carrollton, KY.

This year I'm adding 
The Community Art Center of Switzerland County, 
in Vevay, Indiana.

Monthly schedule 
3rd Saturday - General Butler State Park,
Carrollton , KY
4th Saturday - The Community Art Center 
of Switzerland County, Vevay, Indiana.

All classes are from noon - 2 p.m.
the cost is $20, I provide all the supplies,
You provide the FUN!

This is the January painting we'll be doing
in either class.

This may look difficult, but I will walk you through every step of the way and you can turn it into your own piece by choosing different colors, changing your barn, etc.

My classes are not like other sip and paint classes where I tell you to put a stroke here.  I am teaching you a method you can use in all your own art in the future.  You will learn why you put the stoke somewhere and how it affects the rest of the painting.  This is really beginning painting 101.

It's always amazing to me and everyone else in the class, that even though we're all painting the same thing, everyone's painting is different.  I love that.

We paint on 8" x 10" canvas panels to keep the cost low.

The lessons you will learn can be transferred 
to all your art in the future.

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Hey thanks for stopping by today.
Let's paint together real soon!


  1. I know that as lot of people will be happy. Did you know that painting is handy for making the mind sharper. It is the main draw for a lot of people as they turn 60 and older.
    Happy New Year Sharon.


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