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Monday, June 12, 2017

Willing To Try - Motivation Monday

Give It A Try
Don't Let Fear Stop You!

Fear stops us so often from trying so many things.
Don't let it stop you!
Do not compare yourself to anyone else.
Try new things,
even though it may be uncomfortable.
We stop ourselves because we are afraid someone else will be better than us,
faster than us,
more talented than us,
and most often, that is not the case.

This group of ladies came to my new studio to paint.
Some had no art experience,
some loved art
and one had a degree in art.

Lots of fun going on here.

That's the goal.
Have fun.
Learn something new.
Play In The Paint.

These are the stones outside after we finished.
I sprayed them with an indoor/outdoor clear acrylic varnish.
I love that everyone was in the same class,
took the same instruction
and yet everyone created something different.

That's where our own personalities come in.
We add ourselves into the painting.
That's what makes it art!
That's why some pieces of art speak to us
while others do not.
We feel the spirit of the artist in certain pieces
we are drawn to.

These ladies had fun and created art!
What a wonderful day.

Great day at the farm.

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  1. What great advice - Don't let fear stop you!
    BLOGGING HAS HELPED ME GET OVER THE FEAR...probably CAUSED BY PERFECTIONISM. Seeing how supportive everyone is helps such a lot. The main thing is to have fun.
    Happy you are passing this one along, my friend.

  2. Thanks Julie. I have gone to a few workshops and I psyche myself out and before I've even laid down a stroke, I know everybody in the room is better than me. And then by the end I realize that is not the case. We sure can play mind games with ourselves.

  3. Bravo! If I had a blogger award to give, I would give it to you :)

  4. Thank you so much Meredith. Always appreciate your kind support. You know I love blogging. I'd put that award in my studio!


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