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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Everything Old is New Again

Organizing My Studio

Here's a fun way to organize my paint.

I had an idea on how to organize my paint and have it accessible and close by.

But, I didn't feel like making what I had in my head.
One day while I was wandering around an antique shop,
I came across this metal basket that was being used as a rack for old photos and postcards.  They were hanging on this basket with clothes pins.
My mind started racing.

I could use that in place of what I was thinking about making.

That's a metal basket turned with the basket part facing the wall.  I used medium sized clips to attach my paint to the basket.  My normal paints I use every day on my palette are on the top row and the extra paints I've purchased because I liked that color are all on the bottom two rows.
I can look at this basket and see in an instant if I need a particular color.
If I have more than one tube of a color, I put it right under the tube I'm using, so it sticks out a little bit.  Then I know I have more than enough right now.

I love this because I like taking something and using it for something else.
I just think that's fun.
It hangs on the wall by two cup hooks right at the end of my work station so they are within arms reach.

Hope you enjoyed this fun way I keep my paints organized.

Click on the link below to receive a resource guide on different types of acrylic paint.

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