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Monday, May 9, 2016

Pushing Forward - The Measure of My Creation

The Measure of My Creation

Now there's an interesting title!
Am I speaking about my own personal creation
or the creations I create?

Now I'm confusing me!

 This is a photo of my peonies pushing up from the ground
a month or so ago.

Perennial plants are so interesting 
we can learn a lot from them. 

You plant a perennial one time and 
they will come up year after year.
Until they don't.

No matter how big and beautiful they got last year,
They are popping up all over the yard this year.
They push forward
year after year!

They fulfill the measure of their creation!

They were meant to come up and produce beautiful flowers.
Each plant has hidden inside of itself what it should be.
What is should look like.
What color it will be.
What time of year it should poke through the ground
and start it's ascent into becoming beautiful.

A hollyhock is a hollyhock, not a peony.
And so on.

what can we learn from that?

We all have something we are meant to do.
I don't know what that is for you,
but for me, I was meant to paint and teach.

That's what I do.
That's what I am.

So even though I painted yesterday,
I have to paint today.
I have to create!

I may not be successful today,
or tomorrow 
or the next day,

But, I must continue!    

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  1. What a great way to explain our differences. I am so much like you, Sharon. I have to paint. or draw. The different flowers equate to the different styles artists have.
    The peonies will be out soon and I will have to drive 300 miles to paint them. Worth it!

  2. Thanks Julie. I think we are a lot a like. Flowers are so interesting with their many colors, shapes, growth habits and when you put them together they make beautiful music just like a symphony.


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