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Monday, May 16, 2016

I Love New Socks

Love Love Love
New Socks!

Wait, it's Motivation Monday,

What's up with the socks?

I just love new socks, so the other day I bought a package of fun colored ankle socks.
They are so soft, the whites are so white and the colors in their argyle patterns are vibrant.
They don't slide off in my shoe.
As if that wasn't enough,
the other day when I was putting on my new lovelies,
I noticed something on the inside around the elastic band.
I flipped my sock inside out and guess what I found,
and inspiring quote,
inside my sock!

p.s. Conquer The Impossible

I love it!

p.s. Be Positive
p.s. Seize the Day

It takes little of nothing to impress and excite me 
and I thought this was just so cool.
One last little reminder to make my day great before I go out to
Conquer The Impossible.

What impossible thing are you trying to conquer today?

Leave me a comment and tell us all what your battle is today.

I'll start:
My battle is with my internet.
Once again I am in the public library because I'm trying to run an online art business with not internet.  I pay for it every month, but I seldom have it.
Oh the problems of living in the middle of nowhere.


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  1. My battle is TIME. I do not seem to have enough hours in the day to do what I want.
    I understand about the internet. We have a farming community about 30 miles from here and the kids have to sit in the convenience store parking lot to get the internet for their homework. Love the message in the socks, and your iris painting is simply spectacular.

  2. I know about the time battle. I struggle with time, but I also struggle with realistic goals I set for myself of what I can actually accomplish in the time available. I know it's a trade off living where we live and I'm not sure I could live where lots of other people are, but sometimes I'd like to try.
    The socks were so unexpected, I had to blog about them. Is that weird? hehe
    Thanks for always being so supportive.


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