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Monday, May 2, 2016

10 Ways to Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated
When Things Don't Go According to Plan.

We've all been there.

You've set out on a goal,
and no matter how hard you plan and work,
things just don't go according to plan. 
I'm there right now in my weight loss goals.

I've have some pretty great success,
thanks to my online support group and accountability,
but I've plateaued and 
no matter how much I plan my meals, 
exercise 45 minutes a day,
and not eat sugary treats,
I haven't lost a pound in THREE weeks.

How can I stay motivated to stay the course?

The main thing is for me:
  1.  To remind myself every day, how far I have come. 
  2.   Concentrate on how good my clothes fit now. 
  3.   Plan my exercise for the coming week.
  4.   Plan my meals for the week ahead.
  5.   Remind myself daily, everyone hits a plateau.
  6.  Think about how I will feel if I let it all slide now.
  7.   Think about my weight goal every day.
  8.    Keep using my food diary so I am accountable to me.
  9.   Look for new exercise videos to freshen up my routine.
  10.   Find new recipes to try. 

I'm not giving up!

I will continue to move forward!

I will not surrender!


Thanks for bearing with me folks.  
Here's a view outside my studio door.
I'm going to take these few colors,
and teach an online class on how to paint iris.
I'm in the last stages of editing now
and the class should be ready late next week.
It's going to be a one project class and will be very affordable.
Hopefully you're signed up to receive this blog,
because this is where I'll be releasing it first.
If you've wanted to learn how I painted these beautiful flowers.
Iris I painted this past week.
Scroll up to the top on the right side
and get signed up to receive this blog,
so you'll know how to receive this first of many, I hope, 
single subject online classes.
Have a great day!
Stay strong and press forward.




  1. I understand about weight. I was sick last month and gained a few pounds. How can that be? I think is was because I had no energy and missed my daily walk. I certainly didn't eat more! It is all round my middle too...not fair.
    Your iris are lovely both the real ones and painting.
    You are bound to get lots of people to sign up to learn to paint them.
    I am in awe at the size of your growing garden area. You hubby is something else! He must run a farmers market business.

  2. All my weight is around my middle. Grrrrr! We are members of a farmers market. His gardens are his painting. He works on them every day! I should have the final editing and the course ready by the end of the Week! Thank you so much for your continued support!


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