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Friday, April 29, 2016

Down On The Farm

Inspiration From The Farm

I live in Kentucky in the middle of nowhere.
And today I'm introducing you to JumbleBerry Farm,
where my husband and I live 
and grow lots of plants and animals.

My husband raises lots of berries.
Red and black raspberries,

This is one of his gardens.
On the left is a row of berries
and he'll plant beans, corn and tomatoes in the remaining
part of this garden.
The white runners are currently covering lettuce to protect it from the frost.
Lettuce and other cold crops like the cold, but this year we had some pretty cold nights that would have damaged or possibly killed the lettuce.  The covering raises the temperature about 10 degrees, so it saved the lettuce.
It is growing in two rows right next to two rows of beautiful pink and white peonies.
It is surrounded by our orchard.

Here's a close up of the berries.
There will be some delicious berries my husband will turn into jellies later this year.  
Here's a close up of the lettuce beds next tot he peonies popping out of the ground.
There will be so much beauty here in a few weeks,
you won't be able to stand it.

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