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Friday, April 8, 2016

Back in the Studio Again!

Back In The Studio Again!

It's been about two weeks since I've painted
and I sure felt rusty when I started this morning.

I went outside and picked tulips and various types of daffodils and had every intention of making several still life set ups and painting all of them today.

Well. . .
things didn't go exactly according to plan.
(Do they ever?)

First problem -
no canvases primed, toned or ready to go.

It's always a great idea to have a few canvases already toned and ready to go so when you get the inspiration, you can actually paint.

 So, why do you tone a canvas.
Many artists tone canvases so the warmth or the cool colors show through the painting rather than that bright white.  
Burnt sienna is often a color used, or a light grey.
I went for a greyish purple because I wanted the color to contrast with the orangish-yellow daffodils.
If you go to your color wheel and look at the color opposite it, that is a complementary color, and they work well together.
So I knew what I wanted in these paintings so that tole me what color to tone my canvases.

    Next I put a lot of different colors I would be using in the paintings and then went over the paint very softly with my wet hake brush blending all together.
I used several different color schemes and on the top left, I got  the paint really wet and let it drip. 
I don't know where I'll go with that one,
but it's ready when I am.

I have several different size blue Ball jars in my stash of props
and I love to paint them.
 I set up several still lifes using the various jars and flowers.

 If one is good, two must be great, right!

 Then three must be near perfect.

since I haven't painted for a while,
I struggled with the first one so badly,
I wiped it off.

But I did get something I wasn't quite ready to torch.

 Any way,
here is today's efforts.
Nothing else is coming out of hiding.

Have a great day.

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