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Monday, April 25, 2016

Sleeping With The Windows Open

Sleeping With The Windows Open

Ya know how in the spring when you have that first really warm day and you want to sleep with the windows open for the first time that year?

I love that.

You know it's going to be cool in the morning,
but you love snuggling down into the covers
and trying to get a few more winks before getting up.
You lay there and can here the birds singing
 a whole repertoire of songs
and if you're lucky enough like me,
chickens begin their clucking 
announcing the arrival of a new egg. 

My husband I always joke about having to knock the frost off us on mornings like that.

Sleeping with your windows open at the beach you can hear the ocean waves all night.
How relaxing is that?

Can you smell the scent of wisteria 
wafting in your window?

The point being,
if you sleep with the windows open,
you are set to hear wonderful sounds you wouldn't hear with them closed.
You can smell the fresh air, fresh grass, and sometimes the scent of rain.
You totally don't get that with the windows closed.

You have to set yourself up for success.
You have to open the windows before you go to bed to have all those wonderful experiences in the early hours of the morning.

Setting yourself up for success is critical 
in all areas of your life. 

Adding in those things you want in your life,
order - success - peace.
Discarding those things that are not beneficial.
Chaos - noise - distraction.

Can it really be that simple?
It can and it is.
I didn't say it wouldn't take work,
but the results are so worth it!

So sleep with your windows open
and get ready to reap some pretty incredible benefits.



  1. Well, Sharon dear, another uplifting post and one which rings so true. I like this way of being reminded to be receptive to the possibilities. Thank you.
    The only thing about the birds singing...sounds great if you don't have a Mocking Bird right next to the open window...waaay too early! May as well have a rooster!
    My hubby grumbles as he covers his head with the blankets. I am going to show him your post.

  2. Too funny Julie as I sit hear laughing. We don't have mocking birds but we do have crows and Blue Jays who make quite a racket

  3. Keeping ourselves open to the possibilities is excellent, but I so understand about the noise. But out where we live it's about the only noise we get. Sorry to your hubby. hehehehehe


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