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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Technique Tuesday and It's All About Practice

and more Practice.

It's all about the practice.
There are things I want to get better at
and there's no way to do that without using the "P" word.

I usually practice using some type of heavy paper, like 140 lb paper.  I also use a product, canvas paper, for practice sometimes.

This paper is 12" x 16" and I tape it on a masonite board and then run a strip down the middle to section it off into two pieces of paper.  Sometimes I section it off into 4 sections.
(I know, it's not even, but it's OK for me.)

 I want to have the orientation different on each piece, as well as the background.
It gives me a chance to see what works and what doesn't.
I use a color wheel to select colors that are complements.
(colors across from each other on the wheel are complements.)

 Working on glass here. 

 The paper has dried and was lying flat.
It has a tendency to look like it's warping while you paint on it,
but if you leave it taped on the board until it's dry,
it will lie flat.

If I get something I like, I can cut the sheets in half,
and matte it.

I learn all along the way and I can study what I've done and learn from them. 

 Happy painting, and keep practicing.

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  1. lovely paintings - your colors really work and I love the background with the angles. Added movement didn't it?

    1. Thanks Julie. It does add movement. It's so funny how such a small things add so much.


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