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Monday, April 11, 2016

Plan To Succeed

Are YOU Planning to Succeed?

Well, I'm not planning to fail, you might say.

. . . but not planning to fail, is not the same thing as planning to succeed.

 I set several goals at the beginning of this year -
  1. Lose weight ( who doesn't).
  2. Feed my spirit.
  3. De-Clutter my house.
  4. Improve my paintings.
  5. Get my art and my course in front of more people, thereby selling more.
Each of those goals required a plan.
So, I made a plan.
I wrote down the plan.
I wrote specific goals and deadlines for each plan.
I re-visit the plan almost daily.
I put checks in the boxes when I accomplish part of the plan.
(May I just say how good it feels to put a check in the box)  

Let's just look at one goal and plan.
I wanted to lose weight.
 I have said that for several years, but my mind wasn't really in that game.

I don't really know what changed in my head this year, but it did and I was ready.
That's a pretty important piece of the puzzle, 
getting your head in the game.
Without that, I don't believe most plans will work.
I joined an online group of women, who I mostly didn't know but all had the same goals.
We each downloaded sheets with daily goals and points for achieving those goals.
We had to be accountable every day to each other on a private facebook page.
We were supposed to exercise 5 days a week and go without a sugary treat 6 days per week.
Every week we got more points for a particular segment.
I did pretty good as a whole, but I'm not a huge vegetable eater, but on the week we got double points for eating veggies, you can bet your sweet asparagus, I planned how to get my veggies in every single day.  I was not losing those 10 points. 
I had to make a plan how I was going to get those veggies in every day.

I hear ya!
Planning takes time and effort.
Yes it does.
And it also produces results.

Nothing great starts without a plan.
Some sort of plan.
I want to get from where I am to where I want to be and I will get there by doing A, B. and C.

It doesn't really matter what we want to change or improve in our lives, planning will get us there quicker than anything else.
I'm sure you've heard the saying,
Plan your work,
Work you plan.
Want a new job. . .
Want to learn a new skill. . .
Want to improve on an existing skill. . .
Want to make a lifestyle change. . .
Three steps you need to follow:
  1. Get your head in the game
  2. Create a workable plan
  3. Daily work on accomplishing the goal.
Good Luck on your goals, whatever they are.  
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Have a GREAT week!


  1. Another great post. I have a list but NOT a plan.
    No wonder the closets have not been cleaned up. I am going to write a plan for that one!
    Thanks Sharon.

  2. I need plans to get much done. Good luck on those closets.


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