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Friday, May 6, 2016

Visit The Farm

Farm Animal Friday

Last Friday I introduced you to JumbleBerry Farm,
where my husband and I live.
I showed you lots of the plants, orchards and berries
we raise here and sell at our local farmers market.

Today, I'm going to show you 
cuteness personified.

 We have 6 chicks,
with 6 you get. . .


We have three new Jersey calves.

 Told you there was cute overload here?

 These calves are currently being bottle fed.

Some of the sheep we have.

 Baby lambs are so dang cute and fun to paint.
 This is Bella.
We had dairy goats and
 my husband has made lots of cheese. 

She is no longer with us,
but I did paint her and it sits on my husbands desk.

She was a very sweet goat.

 We also raise rabbits.
Lots of rabbits.

They're about 4 weeks old here.

Love painting rabbits.

 Jim and his miniature horses.

 They are a pair.
 They pull this cart.

We had a crazy fun dog, Bailey who loved to eat our corn.
When the corn got ready, he would pull up a whole stalk and bring it up to the house and eat it on the front porch.

 This is Callie sitting outside my kitchen window.

 Callie is one of several cats we have here on the farm.

 This is the real boss of the farm.
Her name is Misha.
You can't go anywhere on the farm without Misha escorting you around.  She goes everywhere with us.

I'm so glad you took this tour of our farm
and I hope you have found inspiration here
 and in your own home as well. 

Just so you're aware,
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The class will retail for $19.99 but for the very first week it will be on sale at an INSANELY LOW PRICE OF $9.99.
Told you it was insane.
I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity so
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