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Monday, June 13, 2016

Re-Kindling The Fire

Re-Kindling The Fire

Since I haven't posted for almost two weeks,
you might think my fire went out.

And since that almost never happens,
you might be right - 

Sort of!

I've been sick.
I have no voice.
I've had no energy.
I'm having computer problems.

But now I'm ready to re-kindle my fire.

When you lay a fire the first thing you put in is some paper or something else easy to burn.
Then you add some material that is a little sturdier, like cardboard.
Then you add some dry twigs.
Next you'll need something bigger, but not much bigger.

Then you light it and wait a few minutes.
You might have to fan the flames at this point.
You might need to add more small dry material.

Once it starts to go, then you'll add some bigger pieces of wood
and finally you'll add logs when it's really going.

In my re-kindle my fire activity
I went to my go to activity first.
1. My go to activity is something I paint with ease or something I really like to paint.  In this case, it was a re-do of a painting.  (I'll show you later).

2.  Start Small and Build Up.  Just like in building a fire, you don't put the logs on first, but you start with the small stuff that burns easily and build up from there.  I didn't start out with a brand new painting, but I pulled out something I had done a while ago that I wasn't happy with and worked on a section of it.  

3.  I fanned the flames by watching a few videos of what I wanted to work on, painting clouds, and then I decided what I wanted to change in the painting and finally I started painting.

4.  In building a fire you have to add more wood in varying degrees as the fire grows, so in my painting, once I had the clouds finished, I worked on the background trees, hay field and finally the hay bales.  

5.  Enjoy what you create.  As I created/repainted this painting, I enjoyed every section along the way that I re-did, and if I didn't repaint it, I totally enjoyed that portion.  After all, I had nothing to lose.  I already didn't like the painting so I only had one way to go - 

 So, I've been motivated and I hope you have too.

Have a great day
and let's paint together sometime.


  1. I am so sorry to read you have been sick.
    Hard to imagine you being out of it. Sure glad you are back to normal and offering this great advice. I mean this is really well put and makes a lot of sense. As always you have an uplifting
    Message to pass on.
    Stay well, my friend.

  2. Thanks Julie. I so appreciate it. It's been a rough 10 days or so, but I am back feeling better and ready to paint again. Thankfully.

  3. Missing you, Sharon... obviously you have not picked back up completely yet. It was a really nasty bug you had.
    Sending warmest wishes your way.

  4. Thanks so much Julie. I'm in Utah helping my daughter in law recover from surgery and taking care of a 2 and a 9 year old is taking all kinds of energy for this old girl. But I still have no voice.

    1. Good grandma! Hope your daughter has a complete recovery.!

  5. Sharon, just saw sorry you were sick and hopefully now WELL to the hilt! Love ya!

  6. Ethan's Meredith. I am feeling better but still have no voice. Finally found out why yesterday at my second specialist and hopefully will be remedied in the next several weeks.


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