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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Need A Roof?

No need to check with your insurance company for this roof.

I love taking one thing and turning it into something else. 
Turning a a headboard into a bench. . .
Record rack into a night stand. . .
Old shirt into pajamas. . .
Old sweater into hat, mittens, and gloves . . .

I can't stand for good things to go to waste.

That's how this next project got started.
I made some garden stones out of recycled porch tiles.

Click here to view a post about them.

A fellow artist at Gallery 104 had access to some old roof slates
and had seen my garden stones, so she thought of me.

These are old roof slates, you can see the nail holes in the top third,
They have been sealed, painted, and varnished with at least 3 coats of an outdoor varnish.

I thought they could be attached to a type of shepherd's hook for flags.
They would look so good near a front door or in a flower garden.

I will be taking them to Art in the Garden in Augusta, KY. June 1.

You can see  all the mineral deposit colors each slate.

None are exactly the same size, thickness or color.

They are true one of a kinds.


Love these, although the colors of two of these photos is not very good.
I only took about 30 pics and couldn't get these guys happy.
 The one below and the geraniums give an accurate look of all the stones.

Love hydrangeas with all their many shades of blue and pink and cream.

There will be more.

Be on the lookout.

$30 each

not available for shipping.

Might see them at the Farmer's Market or First Friday this year.


  1. There you go again, being creative to the hilt! Sharon, these are wonderful, and I am sure they will be in high demand. I'm very impressed, too, with how you did the hydrangeas. I imagine those as being quite hard to do. Yours look great!

  2. thanks Meredith. Always appreciate your comments. Actually on the hydrangeas aren't so difficult. Maybe I should do a photo progression of them. What do you think?


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