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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Tool 1 -  Sharon 5 (stitches that is)

Framing can be dangerous!

I was taking the staples out of the back of a frame,
not rushing, thinking about what I was doing,
my hand slipped
and then,
the slice.
I wrapped my hand in paper towels and headed upstairs
poured a half bottle of peroxide on it
and once I got a look at it I knew there were stitches in my future.
Doc said I did it up real good, but the good news is 
I didn't need a hand surgeon to repair it.
I do, however, still need some framing done.
Oh hubby,
busy today?


  1. Ohhhhh, bummer, sorry to hear it. Are you right handed? Looks like something I could do to myself.... heal quickly...

  2. no, I'm left handed, but I'm amazed at how many things I do with my right hand.

  3. Oh no!!! That sounds like it hurt! Hope it heals up quickly. It sounds A LOT like something that would happen to me too.

  4. Oh dear, I pinched my painting hand putting in the AC and ouch5 sorry.

  5. Surprisingly, it doesn't really hurt much.

  6. I'm so sorry this has happened to you! You handled it beautifully, but then you were most likely in shock! Hope there is little pain and you heal quickly.

  7. There really hasn't been that much pain. I am not nurse material but I handled it pretty well. Even drove myself to urgent care as I was home alone. Thanks.

  8. That is horrid and glad to hear you fixed it up so well. Quick healing! Did you get your framing done?

  9. Thanks Shawna. I did get the framing done. My husband helped do the part I couldn't do. He also had to go to the show with me today because I can't lift much of anything.


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