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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Snow White, Grimm Style

Grandchildren are so fun!
This past weekend we traveled to Bellefontaine, OH to see our granddaughter, Kelsie in the
Center Stage Production of 
Snow White.

Center Stage is an incredible home school theatre club and it is all volunteer!

They put their productions on at the amazing Holland Theatre.

The inside of the theatre is like nothing I've ever seen before. 

The man who built the Holland actually was from Holland and he made the inside of the theatre look like his homeland.

As you sit in the seats, these gigantic store fronts line each side of the theatre.
It's in full restoration mode and is incredible.

Now this is art!

They are the same on each side.  
It's hard to get the full effect here, but click here to see more info about the theatre. 

And Now for the main attraction.

Here's a few photos from the play.

Kelsie as the Queen, Mother of Snow White as she looks into her magic mirror
in her secret chamber.

Check out the dress.
She made it herself.

 She's ready for her close up

She's got the apple
 Now she has to trick Snow White into taking the apple.

Snow White in her glass casket

Snow White and the Prince

This was a great show and it will go on again this coming weekend.

If you're in the Bellefontaine, OH area you should give it a look.
If you're into restoration of historic buildings you should check this one out sometime.

Thanks for checking in and looking at some pretty incredible art,
in my humble estimation.

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