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Monday, May 20, 2013

Introducing Cathy Engberg

You Don't Always Know Who You Know?

I know I've said this before, but here goes again.
I love the internet!
I have met so many wonderful artists on facebook and blogs
that I would never have met any other way.

Cathy Engberg is one of those people.
She does beautiful art about everyday life.   
Click here to read an article on Daily Paintworks and see Cathy's beautiful work.

In Leslie Saeta's challenges, I've met some wonderful artists and been adopted into a group of artists as a collaborative group recently.
I've been following at least one of them for a while and did not realize we were closer than I thought until this group was formed to help us talk about creating and marketing art.

This past week one of this group of talented Paintsters
was featured on Daily Paintworks, a website for people who paint almost every day,
and a place to buy and sell art.

If you haven't visited it yet, your should!

Cathy has been a very giving member of our group and I believe my own art will improve with the association of her and other artists like her.

Click here to visit Cathy's blog 

Click here to visit Cathy's website

Click here to follow Cathy on facebook

Morning Joe
byCathy Engberg


  1. What a lovely tribute to a great painter and friend!

  2. Thank you Sharon! Wow, I'm starting to get a bit embarrassed by this attention. I appreciate it all though.

  3. Yes! It's amazing how much talent and fellowship can be shared through the wonderful internet, I'd be lost without it!! Beautiful painting, Cathy!

  4. In this biz you need to take every scrap of publicity and accolade wherever they come.


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