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Monday, May 6, 2013

Eatin and Jammin

A friend of mine from Carrollton, KY is working hard to promote some local musicians and businesses.
Just the kind of thing I love!

Cathy Gilbert of Carrollton is interested in promoting local businesses and musicians on social media to see how far it can go.

We're going to help.

She is not a business owner or a musician and will make no money on this venture, it is really just to promote these fun nights at Welch's Riverside Restaurant.

They are going to be featuring some local talent once a month 
the first Thursday of June and July!

Every small town has their own version of Welch's Restaurant 
where the locals go every morning for their cup of joe, biscuits and gravy, (you're in the south)
and other great things!

Now they're going to have a breakfast buffet on the first Thursday of June and July and you're all invited.
OK, I know some of you are no where near Carrollton, but you can dream and share this!

We missed the first one already, it was May 2 and my neighbor Clayton Dermon was the headliner.
Hope you had a great day Clayton.

JUNE 6: THE ARNEY FAMILY BAND w L.B, Kim and Travis Arney and Chuck Webster~Bluegrass
JULY 11: DENNIS WHEELER ~ Country Rock and Roll
Other dates may be added. 

Welch’s Riverside Restaurant, at 505 Main Street, will serve a special “Breakfast for Supper Buffet” starting at 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. that includes bacon, sausage, eggs, home fries, pancakes, grits and biscuits and gravy; and their regular menu will also be available.
 (Now doesn't that sound good)!

    What is the name of your towns version of Welches?
Years ago when I lived in Mason, OH it was the Dinner Bell.

Leave a comment telling us the name of your fav local restaurant and a local band

We need a map to put little pin flags on where everyone's favorite local restaurant is.    


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