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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Living on the Street

On the Fourth Saturday, April through October,
Gallery 104 in LaGrange, KY and four other galleries on the street
join with Quads car club for a really fun night.

There are classic and hot rod cars and trucks parked all around
and the five galleries in a two block area are open for a gallery tour.
We have a "meet the artist night" and I am usually outside painting on the sidewalk in the early and later months.
I'm not really good during July and August,
but I'm usually there the other months.

This past Saturday I was out painting,
Robbie Mueller a wonderful folk artist was carving on linoleum
and a gentlemen from Dayton, OH came by and we had a nice conversation.
He took my picture.
I've never had someone take my picture before.
It's usually me taking other people's photos,
but I forgot my camera that night.

I was working on a painting I started a year ago during a meet the artist night.

There is a knitting shop next to Gallery 104 and they have all these knitted items around the tree out front.
I started painting this last year, cause ya just don't see too many trees dressed in multiple sweaters.
Then if the sweaters weren't enough, they have strung little twinkle lights all around it.

Anyway, I started it a year ago and hated it.
Ever start something you didn't like.
Well, Saturday, earlier in the day I got it out and thought, maybe I could redo the building side and see if I like it better.
I thought I'd work on the finishing touches during the meet the artist.

Good shot of the gallery in the background.

How do you like my painting shirt.
It's my sons old work shirt from Dow Corning.
I've worn it for years.

Thanks for checking in today.


  1. Brave, brave woman! Painting in public... Do we get to see the painting?

  2. It was really weird and a little scary the first time I did it, but I just keep plugging along. I will post the photo of the finished painting, if I ever truly decide it is finished. I was thinking about "Tree Hugger" for a name. What think ye?

  3. I would need to see the painting to know. I am very curious to see that one if you ever want to show it. What you have there on the easel looks quite intriguing. Where's your paint?

  4. acrylic paint. no medium. I'll post it but not until next week probably. The perspective is not right on it.

  5. I will look forward to seeing it! Oh--when I said where's your paint, I meant I don't see it by the easel...where do you keep it when you paint outside? Do you have one of those arm palettes or another table?

  6. I use a crate to haul my paint stuff around and when I get where I'm going to paint, I turn it on its side and use the top as my table and set all my paints, brushes and spray bottle in the crate. It's sitting on the ground near my easel in front of that barrel of pansies. Probably should have painted them.


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