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Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Old Kentucky Barn

My Old Kentucky Barn
is one of my favorite paintings
and as luck would have it,
it's still available.

This painting is available through Mudlark Pottery and Fine Art Studio
in Warsaw, KY.
She's waiting with baited breath to send it to you.

Click here to connect with the gallery owner to purchase.

This is a scene repeated all across the Commonwealth of Kentucky,
maybe one near you.

This would look great hanging in your home or office.

It is a 24"x 18" framed acrylic on a stretched canvas

$250 + $20 shipping

give it a look and if you wouldn't mind sharing this email.
I would love to find a forever home for this lovely painting.

You're the best!


  1. Nice sense of depth you got in this one, Sharon, and I like how you handled the trees and the path, too. I wish I could see the painting larger or closer up. I discovered that when I click on the painting, it takes me to that Pin it thing that I can't get to work from your blog...

  2. I see the problem, I just don't know how to fix the problem. Any suggestions. I don't even see a support button for blogger.


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