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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Winners and Giveaways

Would YOU Like to Win A Painting?

Lori signed up to receive my blog and she won one of the two paintings I gave away this month.
I don't have a pic of my other winner, 
this is what she won.

This is what I'm giving away at the end of May.

 Dahlia Drama

 This is a 7" x 5" water mixable oil
done with a palette knife
on a panel.
 (valued at $50)

This is one of the most dramatic paintings I've ever done.
The reason is, it's done with a palette knife,
so the paint is very thick and it has lots of textures on it.

If you want to get signed up to win this painting,
scroll up to the top and sign up to receive my blog
in your inbox.
That's it.

You only have to do it once.
If you've already done it,
you're golden.

Have a great day!


  1. Looks like a very happy lady. The cup cake painting is great too.

  2. Thanks Julie. Always appreciate hearing from you.


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