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Monday, July 10, 2017

What We Can Learn From a 4 Year Old

She Knew What She Wanted
 Her Butterfly To Look Like!

I have a new student,
a fun student,
a determined student,
an unafraid student,
a 4 year old student.

And we could all learn a lot from her.

 Often when I teach children to paint the top, sides and bottom of their painting, they don't understand.
I show them, then I tell them, then I re-show them,
then I basically forget about it because I'm not going to make a tug of war out of it.

But Blaire got it right away.
Once I showed her what I meant,
she took it and ran with it.
There was no "Am I doing this right" from her.

When I asked her what her favorite color was for her background, she knew immediately.
Great choice.

Often, new painters, young or old, are timid.
Timid with color - Nope
Timid with strokes - Nope
Timid with knowing what they want - Nope.

When I first met her, I held out my hand to shake,
and she shook my hand with a great grip.
Looked me in the eyes when we spoke.
Wasn't afraid to tell me what she wanted.

Yes!  Blaire will go far.

She knew how to mix color
and she knew how to use her brush,
and she followed instructions.

and she's only 4!
 All lessons many people need to learn.
(especially following instructions)

 This is Blaire with her finished butterfly painting.

We'll see what we do next Friday.
She has 3 more lessons through the summer.
I think we'll be great friends.

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