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Friday, July 21, 2017

Thinking Outside The Box

Day 1 Thinking Outside the Box
Art Camp.
We started art camp this week with plein air painting
on the farm looking over the valley at a neighbors barn.
So many shades of green!
We painted this scene in my yard.

 It's hotter than blue blazes this week,
so we set up a tent to give us some shade.
We aren't under the tent,
but it created this shade we're standing in.

It was at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade.

 One of the main goals  was to learn how to show the distance from us to the barn and the next hillside over and those trees.

In order to do that, you have to paint the furthest trees
using a bluish, greenish, purplish color.  
As the trees come closer, they need to get brighter and warmer.  You also need to use multiple values of green.

Each shade of green had 3 values of green,
dark, mid tone, and light.

You need all the values to create the depth and roundness of trees.
In this video we are working on the trees in the distance.

We are just about to finish up in this video.
And here we are with the finished painting.
We had a great time on Day 1.
Click HERE if you would like info on my last upcoming summer art camp.
 This camp is for teens, 13-18,
August 7-10,
and your student will learn to draw cartoons, 
begin an art journal,
do a still life 
and make a t shirt,
as well as several other things. 

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