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Monday, July 24, 2017

Day 4 - Outta Her Gourd

Day 4 - Outta Her Gourd

Painting gourds has always been fun for me.

17 years ago when I wanted to learn to paint,
I was sick, I couldn't work and I had no money for canvas or paper to paint on,
I had a lot of gourds up in the barn.
My husband brought them down,
and helped me clean them,
and I began to learn to paint on them.

I still love gourds.

On Day 4 of Think Outside the Box art camp,
I got out some small gourds that I cleaned
for my camper to paint.

Her eyes lit up when she saw them.

We drilled the holes for hangers in them,
and several of them broke.
We cut several of the broke ones apart to see the insides.

When we did that, we realized we had at least one
we could use as an open face ornament.

Lots of creativity going on here.

Here is Jocie Kate explaining her gourd painting.

Jocie Kate had definite ideas and reasons
why she painted her ornaments the way she did.
I loved it that she knew what she wanted to paint.
The Cat in the Hat ornament started out as a candy cane.
But once she put the stripes on it,
it became obvious to us both that it was the Cat in the Hat.

 The yellow, orange and red  one
is representational of a sunset.
(I told you she had her own very good ideas)

Here she is with her finished ornaments.
I love the smile.
She said she enjoyed painting the ornaments the best.
(I think I can tell)
Have a teenager who would love to attend art camp?
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