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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 2 - A Girl Just Needs to Create

Day 2 - The Creating Continues

Today we began by drawing a horse,
and then we put the horse on the t-shirt to paint.

We used puff paint to put the horse on the t-shirt.

 Here we are getting the horse on the t-shirt.

We put the horse on the t-shirt using her drawing and transfer paper. 

 Here's her finished product!.

Great looking shirt, huh?

Next up, 
making jewelry.

We decided to use a slice of a walnut as the focal point for the necklace Jocie Kate made.
Then we took apart an old wooden necklace for the beads.
We didn't use them all,
but she picked out which ones she liked the best.
We also used some pony beads
on hemp string.

Trying to re-tie the knots between the beads 
proved to be difficult.

How do you like the smile on that art camper.

She was pretty proud of it.

And then. . .

We made this with what was left of the wooden beads
 and the pony beads. 

Now she has a set.

Another great day of Thinking Outside the Box
Art Camp, 2017.

Click HERE to get the scoop on the last art camp
 I'm having this summer.   

It's a camp for teens, 13-18, August 7-10, where they will learn to draw cartoons, keep an art journal, paint a still life, and paint a t-shirt.  There are several other items to be created.

Don't miss out on this opportunity.


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