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Friday, July 14, 2017

Ever Paint with a Q-tip?

What Tools Do You Paint With?

Today in the Blue Iris Studio
my little 4-year old student
painted with several tools besides brushes.

She did paint with brushes,

But I totally screwed up that video.

And after she got the background on,
then she painted some stems for her flowers.
But she also painted with 

Blaire used a bottle cap from her water bottle
to make circles on her painting. 

Then she used her q-tips  to add centers to the circles.

She also painted with a fork.

 After we got lots of flowers on,
she added some fluffy stuff on her stems
with a fork.

This is Blaire and her finished painting.

 We got lots of paint on our hands.
I had already washed Blaire's hands once
but you know how it is,
we get a lot of paint on our hands in a short amount of time.

If you would like to take art classes with me,
whether individually or as a group,
you should know I take new students of all ages
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You can email me at 
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  1. Tell Blair I am very impressed. I have used the Q-tip myself and didn't do as well as she did. I have never tried a fork and it looked fun. Well, I mean Blair made it look fun!

  2. Thanks Julie. I'll let her know. She is a great little girl and artist. The fork was pretty interesting.


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