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2017 Art Camps

I offered 5 Art Camps this summer
and we have had so much fun!
There is only one left,
 and I don't want your teenager to miss out.

Class size is limited to ensure individual attention.
   All supplies, including snacks
 will be provided.
Get signed up NOW!

Camp will be held at my new studio at the farm,
1996 Bucks Run Rd.
Ghent, KY  41045 


June 12-15 - Art Appreciation - CLOSED

June 26-29 Types of Painting - CLOSED

July 5-7 - Drawing - Completed
Three day art camp dedicated to drawing.  All art starts with drawing so it is important to understand the basics.  All supplies including snacks will be provided.  Classes will be 10 a.m. - noon.
Day 1 - Shapes and forms- Still Life
Day 2 - Landscapes and all the parts
Day 3 - Self Portrait
This class was created with students approximately 10 years old and up.  I'll take photos of your student on Day 1 and have them printed for them to use as reference for Day 3. 
Click HERE to read a blog post about drawing art camp.

July 17-20 - Expanding Your Creativity - Completed
Learning to think outside the box is critical in the creative process.  Seeing objects as how they could be used instead of how they've always been used, opens up tons of possibilities in a myriad of subjects.  This 4 day camp has been created to help students create on many levels, in many mediums for different outcomes.  All classes will be from 10 a.m. - noon, limit 8.  I provide all supplies and snacks.
Day 1 - Learn to see (Plein air, outdoor)
Day 2 - Paint horse of a different color
Day 3 - Create jewelry, paint ornaments
Day 4 - Gather from nature and make a collage
This camp will be fun and interesting with lots of variety and opportunity to be creative.  There are lots of activities planned for this camp and some will depend on how fast or slow we are at creating as to how many we complete.  

The LAST Art Camp of this summer.

August 7-10 Teen Week -CLOSED
Teen week is a four day camp and is for students 12 and up and has been created with subjects and activities this age student enjoys.  All classes are from 10 a.m. - noon, I provide all supplies and snacks, limit 8.
Day 1 - Drawing Cartoons
Day 2 - Gather nature for still life
Day 3 - Art journaling
Day 4 - Creating a t-shirt
Teen camp offers lots of creativity and students will be spending time outdoors observing nature, gathering items to paint or draw, and using their creativity in their own way.  Learning to art journal is a way to take notes that will benefit them on many levels in the future.    

The 5 art camps I'm offering this summer are geared to help your child move forward with their interest in art.  Information and activities will work together to learn certain concepts and improve abilities.  

If you have any questions about any of the camps listed, please email me at and put Art Camp Questions in the subject line.  

 Your creative child will gain a lot from being able to focus daily on artistic endeavors.  The ability to see, focus and complete projects is often improved with artistic outlets.

Make this summer a super one for your creative child. 

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