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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snowman In The Moonlight

Gifted and Talented Kiddos
Paint a Snowman.

Saturday I was invited back to Cartmell Elementary
in Carrollton, KY
to teach two classes of gifted and talented kids 
to paint this fun snowman.

The goal of a painting like this is to learn about perspective,
highlights and shadows, form and mixing paint.

I had two classes with a total of 13 students
and I did a short video of each class.

I know, I'm holding the camera wrong in this one.
Forgive me!

Many of the students in this class have painted with me in the past.  We always have a great time painting together.

I am seldom in the photos with the classes I teach,
but I had a great mom volunteer to take this pic.
Thanks Crystal!
Didn't they do a great job?!?

(The videographer did a much better job on this one)

Some of these great students have painted with me in the past and some were brand new.
Students in the two classes ranged in age from 1st through 5th grades. 

This group was the youngest of the students
and I think they did a super job.
Don't you!

One thing to remember when teaching children to paint, is to teach the concepts and then let them paint.
We don't need to stand over them and guide their hands or make too many corrections.
As long as they understand what they're doing and why they're doing it, 
Mission Accomplished 
in my book.

If they need help on a skill, I will help, but just so they know how to do it, but not enough to make their painting look just like mine.

The one area in this painting where students needed the most help was in painting the moon.
But for the most part, I showed them how to achieve the round moon and they went right at it.
Most adults would be scared to death to put that yellow/white paint on that blue/purple sky.
That's one of the things I love about teaching children.
They will give it a shot without a lot of drama or fear
where adults struggle with confidence.

On their super Saturdays they do math and science projects and classes, as well as classes in the arts,
and a lot of fun stuff.

Thanks Pam for providing a fun and interesting program for these great ladies and gentlemen.

I had a ball.

If you would like to host a party for your posse,
your kids, your co-workers or your team,
click HERE to get the scoop on it. 

 Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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 you think might be interested. 


  1. Awesome, Sharon! Of COURSE they are having fun! :)

  2. Thanks Laurel! There was lots of smiles and giggles and fun had by all!

  3. I admire you so much, Sharon. The work you got these children to do is really good and look at their happy faces. You could be responsible of bringing a life long love of art into their lives.
    Huge kudos.

  4. Thanks Julie! I'll be teaching 13 this coming Saturday. We'll be doing abstract hearts! I do hope it carries on in their lives.


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